March 31, 2011

Festival of Ridvan Lap Book Printables

The Festival of Ridvan is right around the corner!  I have say that following the social excitement that surrounds Ayyam-i-Ha and the all out food extravaganza that breaking the fast on Naw-Ruz always turns out to be, Ridvan slips down towards the bottom of the list of Baha'i Holy Days that are enticing to kids.  At least my kids.  I suppose it does mean a ton of days in one month that they get to stay up past bed time to go to observances, but compared to gifts, service projects, and dessert buffets that still ranks kind of low in kid land.

Hannah Jane finally asked to do some la booking again this week, signaling that she's over her boredom with them and ready to fill colorful little mini books with fun facts and decorate the heck out of them again!  Whoo-Hoo!  But before we launch into that Renaissance and Reformation lap book she has her eye on, I offered this one that I designed myself to help us delve deeper into the meaning of the Festival of Ridvan.

For Hannah Jane, having something to show off is always a major motivator for acquiring knowledge (don't judge us!) and because my kids are the only Baha'i kids in town, the community is usually pretty obliging to let her take a little show off time during our gatherings.  She did a poster presentation for the Birth of the Bab once, sometimes she sings songs, etc.  It's a nice little chance for her to practice her public speaking skills, feel a part of the community, and deepen herself a little in the history of the faith.  Win win as far as I can tell.

Things she learned?   Well, she attempted to address the dreaded phonetic disaster that is the pronunciation of Ridvan!  LOL!  Isn't that pronunciation always a dead giveaway of a new Baha'i?  She learned dates, literal meanings, the 3 important announcements that Baha'u'llah made on day 1 in the garden, etc.  She really loved the part of the story with the giant pile of roses (what girl wouldn't?) and chose to decorate the book with that image in  mind.  She comared and contrated the circumstances surrounding the public declarations of the Bab and Baha'u'llah, which was cool.  So, lots to be learned!

Since I have it all done (unless someone notifies me of an overlooked typo like my Ayyam-i-Ha lap book had...I mean, who has ever heard of the Georgian calendar anyway?  LOL!) I thought I'd send it out into the world for anyone else to use.  Obviously lap booking is more familiar to home schoolers, but even if your not a home schooler, if you're a Baha'i parent or children's class teacher you should totally jump on the bandwagon because lap books are a blast and they give kids a fun way to display what they know and learn!

Check out this slide show for details and one example of the finished product.  But seriously, there are as many ways to compile these babies as there are kids to compile them!  Once you've filled in your mini books, glue them into the lap book and decorate the space between.  Design a cool cover!  Use stickers, paints, stamps, scrap book flair!  Make it your own!  And then show it off to some one who might not know what Ridvan is all about!

Here are the complete files!
ridvan lapbook
So print 'em, share 'em, and let me know if there's anything there that needs to be fixed!  All I ask is that you don't print and sell them and link back here if you do share!  Enjoy!


  1. Thank you sooo much, Skyla! This is awesome. I actually created a Baha'u'llah's Life lapbook a few years ago, and I've been meaning to compile the files to post on the Web, but haven't gotten around to it. This Ridvan lapbook will be a perfect project for my Baha'i School class. Well done! :)

  2. Anonymous19.4.11

    Thanks for sharing! Currently googling for some activities to suggest to my daughters daycare teachers. I actually think it is one of the easier Holy Days to introduce to non Baha'i kids - in a watered down way. At least they should be able to do crafts with roses instead of just Easter eggs and maybe talk about unity in diversity! We'll see how receptive the teachers are...

  3. i love this thanks!! cant wait to use it next year. my friend did something sort of similar
    And you can find our ridvan ideas here!

  4. whoops forgot to post the link to my friend's blog

  5. Thanks for the links, Chelsea! I love the holy days book! We've got to make one of those!

  6. Thank you so much Skyla for so many ideas you have shared in one place. I picked up a few of them for the Ridavn Celebrations that will be at the Baha'i Academy (Panchgani) on 29th April. I wish you and your dear family a very Happy Ridvan.
    Lesan Azadi


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