March 28, 2011

I know it's Monday and the kids are supposed to be cooking and all, but we're still pathetically sick over here.  Can you believe it?  For Hunter, this marks the 7th full day of illness and bed rest with no sign of improvement.  Hannah Jane regained functionality on day 3 and Haven has been better than most, but borderline lethargic and generally crabby for the full 7 days.  For me it's day 3, but I'm feeling on the upswing.  And by upswing I mean I've gotten past thinking that I'm going to actually die and moved on to just being generally miserable.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better because I'd hate to have to cancel band and choir 2 weeks in a row.   And I'm hoping to actually attend the discussion group on the letters in this issue of the American Baha'i that I coordinated for tonight.

There will be no cooking today in this house.  None.  There may be heating, or reheating of foods.  There may even be some carry out.  But there will be no cooking.  Who'd want to eat food made by the sickest, zombie looking woman on earth anyway?

Speaking of zombies, we had out mandatory meeting for working at the living history center today, and we just couldn't miss it if we wanted to work baby animal days (and we really, really do).  So we all dressed up in our 1917 farm clothes and went to meet the boss lady.  Honestly, I looked more like the ghost of farm houses past than and real living farm woman.  And the boys were super cranky.  Needless to say, we didn't make a great first impression.  But what can you do?

You know the worst thing about being sick?  I feel like I have completely failed to attain unto adulthood.  The entire house looks just like my room looked when I was 15.  Meaning that you can't see the floor in most rooms, dirty and clean laundry have intermingled and made little laundry babies whose cleaning status remains unknown, and empty glasses have piled up on the night stand.  But don't tell anyone.  I promise it will all be cleaned up withing 2 hours of my feeling less miserable.  Really it will.  But in the meantime, I'm lying here feeling like I never grew up.  Forget the husband and kids and mortgage and all of those things that come with adulthood.  Messiness and disarray are the marks of immaturity and I am all marked up like the roller rink floor!

Okay...was that enough whining for one day?  I'm pretty sure you're nodding your head right now.  In that case, I'm out.

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