March 21, 2011

The Kids Cough Monday!

What?!?!  Well, I know it's Monday, but the kids are sick with an exhausting cough so rather than being in the kitchen, they're in my bed watching documentaries between major fits of coughs.  No fun.  On the bright side, we now know all about the Samurai, the Shogun, and Jellyfish, and are rewatching our favorite documentary on Pompeii (the kids never tire of Pompeii).  So we're not letting the day go to waste!

But to keep things going on the cooking front, I thought I'd show you the adorable cupcakes the kids made for St.Patrick's Day!  We did follow through with all of our St. Patty's Day plans and had a ball!  These Rainbow cupcakes were so much more fun to make than plain old cupcakes because each of the kids had their own role and when they worked together, the result was absolutely beautiful!  Nothing like a little team work in the kitchen!

First, we made cake batter from a store bought box.  I know...not super culinary, but hey.  You do what ya gotta do, right?  You can use any white cake recipe you like or buy the box kind from the store.  Then simply divide your batter among 4 ziplock bags.   Each child picks a color and you add a few drops of that food coloring to the batter bag and have them give it a good shake and jostle until the bag is a consistent color throughout.

After spraying your cupcake liners, cut the corner of each bag and have the kids take turns placing a thin layer of their batter in each cupcake hole.  It worked best to put a super small amount in each just to make sure you have enough of that color to go round, and then come back for a second round if you have leftovers.  Once each person has a turn, you're ready to bake!

Here's an up close of the result!  Super fun!  Now, you can add more coloring to get a primary color rainbow, but you're risking having a cupcake that tastes more like dye than cake, so I would recommend  sticking with a pastel rainbow because a cupcake's primary purpose is to taste good, right?

Hopefully we'll be back on top of our game next week with some new and exciting culinary adventure.  In the mean time, you can check out the official Kids Cook Monday site to see what other families are doing in the kitchen today!  And don't forget, you're invited to join the movement!  Make Monday a day to cook with the kids, if you blog, blog about it!  Facebook about it!  Do whatever you do to spread the word that kids who spend time helping prepare meals learn healthy habits at an early age, setting the stage for a lifetime of healthy food choices! 

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