March 22, 2011

Quilts and coughs

We're going on day two of what I'm now calling operation mega cough.  The kids were fine at Naw-Ruz, then in the night Hannah Jane started hacking away, crying because she was sleepy, yet sleep deprived on account of the coughing.  The next day all of the kids were coughing, but with no other symptoms.  We just hung out in the big bed (that's what we call my and Joe's bed being that it's the only non-twin size in the house) and watched documentaries relating to our studies ALL...DAY...LONG.  We now know all about the Shogun, the Samurai, Marco Polo, and jelly fish.

I finished the boys' quilts about a week ago and they have loved them in that talking about them and looking at them sort of way.  But the boys never seem to sleep under a blanket at night and so the quilts have acted simply as bed covers up to this point.  That's fine, of course.  Their awe over the quilts was certainly enough for me.

Last night was hard.  Hannah Jane was in our bed before Joe's computer was ever turned off.  She was coughing and crying again.  Poor pitiful girl.  Soon Haven was crying and coughing in the next room so Joe went to him, leaving me to comfort Hannah Jane.  This seemed to go on all night.  I became a bit agitated in that way that only a sleep deprived mom can get, although I knew it wasn't their faults.  It was the most sleepless night I've endured since weaning Haven!

This morning, when I made my way into the boys' room for a morning snuggle, both of them were wrapped up in their quilts for the first time.  Haven lifted the corner of his quilt, inviting me in for a snuggle as he told me about his "sick nose."  I realized he was completely naked in his little cocoon of a quilt.  I said, "Haven, I'm certain I put you to bed in footies!  Why are you naked?"  He sweetly and matter of factly said that his foot had itched in the night and he ended up naked trying to scratch it!  How funny!  Then he said, "And this quilt you made is warmer than my footies.  It feels so good on my skin.  I love it.  I love you."

It's what moms long to hear.  Love from your littlest one and appreciation for the random, time consuming things you do just because you think they will make them smile!

In case you're wondering why Hannah Jane doesn't have a quilt yet, it's because she simply doesn't grow.  Tiny little Hannah Jane has not outgrown enough clothes since I had the idea for the quilt to make one!  The boys had clothes to spare and Hannah Jane had only enough for 3 of the ten rows.  She's just so itty bitty!  I'm hoping hers will mean even more after she's had to wait so long.  Plus, it will probably be more neatly made since I have the experience of making the boys' under my belt!

So, today we've done our regular school work from bed.  Hannah Jane took her first standardized state test from bed, which was kind of strange.  She logged on to the elluminate classroom to meet her teacher, had to wait a while while her teacher finished testing someone else, and then our phone rang.  The teacher made reading passages pop up on the screen and stopped Hannah Jane's reading when the time was up.  The words were really tiny on the screen, and she's never done much screen reading, so she was a little flustered.  I always tell the kids not to put their fingers on the computer screen, which I could tell was problematic for her as her eyes tried to find the next line on the screen of text independent of her pointer finger.  But, now we know what to expect.  She didn't do great, I'm assuming, but I doubt she totally failed it either. 

We also watched half of a scary documentary on Ivan the Terrible, which the kids chose based on his name alone. He was in fact so very terrible that we turned it off before it was over because some things, no matter how historic, should be reserved for kids who at a minimum aren't scared of the dark anymore.  We moved on to one on Einstein because the kids liked his hair, but again didn't finish it because, well, who knew what a womanizer Einstein was?  Hannah Jane wanted Joan of Arc, but it was entitled the Virgin Warrior, which led me to assume her virginity might be a focus and I sidestepped enough questions about what virgins are after Hannah Jane's Christmas play.  So, we got back to our on-line history curriculum for second graders, knowing it would be safer than Hulu's biography channel and she finished her grade of history for the year in one sitting.  Haven even let her slip under the corner of his quilt while she listened to tales of Kublai Khan's army being scared off the shores of Japan by a typhoon.

The kids seem okay now, but having been up all night with their coughs, everyone's a little on edge, quick to take offense to their sibling's every move, and whiny.  I'm thinking an art project would help focus more positive energies, but that would require me to get off the bed myself and supervise messy kids with paint brushes, which feels a little overwhelming for my groggy brain.  Here's to tomorrow!

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