April 19, 2011

Flood Update

Well, the rains came down and the water rose, but only a little as far as I can tell.  According to the news, it did reach flood stage, but held firm just barely high enough to qualify and then quickly receded.   We're all safe and soggy here with no big waters.

Still, with waters receded and feeling in the clear, right after dinner time our street was lined with cars and young people in galoshes, carrying shovels towards the sandbagging station that was set up in the bend in the road.  The kids were already in bed, but Hannah Jane had gotten up to get a toy and the was glued to the window, watching all the people go by on our usually quiet street. 

Joe decided to go see what was going on and if they needed help.  When he came back, I got a clearer picture of why our previous offers to help had been passed on.  Small sandbagging station.  Tons of people swarming.  I can only imagine that another body would have just slowed things down further.   It really is kind of funny how many people were working in that small area.

That is the nice thing about this town.  I mean, in how many towns do yo have to get on a witting list to volunteer at the food pantry?  None that I've ever lived in.  But here, everyone wants to help and serve and there becomes a bit of a struggle to find a place to help out because there are so many willing hands.  Very cool.

I did wonder why they were filling more bags with the water already receding, but I just read online that this wet weather is expected to bring more rounds of flooding.  For us it seems as though the last major flood carved out a wider path for the water to pass through, creating a bit of a natural retainer as it tore large patches of soil out of the neighboring fields.  So that adds a bit of protection for our land, but I don't know if others along the river have that same retainer.

To the many of you who sent kind words and prayers our way yesterday, thank you so much.  It was so darn sweet and I can't tell you how appreciated it was.  I'll keep you posted on further bouts of wet, but we're totally prepared and ready to head out if need be.  And clearly our neighbors have got a sophisticated plan worked out, so I think we couldn't be in a safer flood plain.  LOL!


  1. You're awesome Sky! I wasn't expecting flooding until late May or early June, but then that rain caused this early flooding. I'm glad you're safe!

  2. I'm glad that you're safe. My husband's co-worker actually has a flooded basement in Smithfield because the ground is so wet. Luckily she only uses it to store plastic totes.

  3. Thanks, guys! Tamsyn, is there a water source near your friend's house or was it just purely soggy ground related? I never knew you could have flooding Simply from wet ground! Gee...something new to worry about! LOL!


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