April 28, 2011

Igloo Building Day (Finally)

Joe had finally had enough of the milk jugs piled in the shed, piled under the deck, piled in the garage.  It was enough to test any good man's patience,  being that it's spring time when all of the neighbors are making yard improvements and he's stuck with giant trash bags of milk jugs all over the place!  With what the other families had stashed at their homes, we had enough jugs to build.  What we didn't have was the weather.  But today was predicted to be sunny so Joe not so subtly declared this the day.

The day didn't go as planned.  All but one family bailed on construction due to scheduling conflicts, vacations, pure family chaos, or the fact that they had stopped home schooling altogether (meaning we didn't get the benefit of all of those stashed jugs) and one additional family stopped by after the fact just to check it out.  So it was just us and our favorite 2 families.  Not a bad way to spend an afternoon, of course, but in my mind I had envisioned this great collaborative experience where a few moms were building while other moms were doing lessons with small groups of kids out in the sunshine.  Ahh...sunshine...learning...collaboration... Oh!  I wandered off there for a moment into home school heaven.  I'm back. 

As it went, Steff and I built while the kids played.  I set up an instructional video for building sugar cube igloos and gave them all the necessary supplies, but they paused the video a minute in and decided they didn't need lessons.  They built all manner of cube structures- none of which were so much igloos- and didn't really feel the need to understand the complexity of getting a dome to stay up.  But what can ya do?  They had fun, and sometimes that's enough.

When it was as done as it was going to be (we didn't have quite enough jugs) they all got inside to play.  We tried to do some lessons, but the kids we not all that into it.  We did get them to watch Man vs. Wild on snow tunnels and a short video on Inuits, but when I started telling them what I had learned about igloos, their little eyes glazed over and Hannah Jane yelled, "Who wants to play Inuit family?"  So Steff and I went upstairs to enjoy girl time and left the kids to their Inuit family play time.  Eventually Nikki and her kids stopped by to play inside and eat some sugar cubes. 

So, while it wasn't at all what I had envisioned, it was our best friends hanging out and catching up, a little learning, and a fun new igloo in the school room!  Could be worse, right?  Sometimes when things don't go according to plan, what you get is better than the plan would have been.


  1. You are a saint, Sky!! That was awesome. Sorry it was poorly participated. "Play Inuit," indeed. How many kids do that? lol Sally

  2. Sally, I didn't know you had a blog! Well, other than the indexing one. Now I'm going to have to go and read what the woman with the best blog links blogs about herself!

  3. I will make sugar cube igloos next winter...

  4. We're going to try it again this weekend.


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