April 25, 2011

Kids Cook Monday; Chili

This was a special Kids Cook Monday for Hannah Jane.  She got to work at the stove for the first time ever.  THe boys were in speech for their long day and we decided to come home and cook rather than take our usual date to Macey's for doughnuts.  Because I knew there would be no distractions or smaller kiddos running around, I let her brown the beef and onions all by herself.  You'd have though she won the lottery!  She did absolutely every step herself this week and she proceeded to talk about using the stove for the rest of the day. 

This recipe for chili is a bulk recipe so we set aside enough for dinner and then divided the rest between 3 freezer bags and froze them flat for future dinners.  Hannah Jane loved this as well, boasting that she was really doing me a favor by making enough meals to last us a while and that when next I didn't have to cook, I would have her to thank.  Crack me up!  She needs a slice of humble pie!  LOL!

Don't forget to invite your little ones to join you in the kitchen tonight!  And send me some pictures of your kids cooking!  I'd love to  share news of other families who are catching the vision!

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