April 18, 2011

The River is High

That's the rive behind our house.  While Joe was in New York on his interview, I went out to offer assistance to a neighbor who was working on the fence between out properties and he mentioned that the floods are coming.  Not having access to local news on television, this was the first I'd heard of it and had no idea when or how high, or how they even know.  But it sounds like they have a pretty sophisticated method of measuring the snow pack and the change in temperatures and anticipating major rises in the Blacksmith Fork River, which runs out back of our property at a somewhat close clip.

Lucky for us, the property of our neighbors on either side meets behind ours, separating us from the river by enough that we can't get a visual on the water, but we can hear it loud and clear.  In summer time, when we want to play in it we lament that separation, but at this moment we are thankful for it.  And thankfully neither of our neighbors' homes are on that portion of property, but father up near the road with our own.

I'm periodically shown by our neighbor where the water rose to in the last major flood and it's so close it makes my skin crawl.  It came right up to the back of our barn and you can see an abrupt drop in the land level right there.  He says that he had truck loads of fill brought in to restore it a bit, but so much land was washed away that it was impossible to refill it completely.  I can't even imagine a time when out property flowed seamlessly and level to our neighbor's out back there.

This morning it is raining.  Raining a lot.  And the Wasatch Mountains have less snow on them, and I can hear that river roaring.  Last I heard, the flood was expected withing the week, but the sound of the birds going wild at 6 am and the rain pouring down makes me feel unsettled. Joe asked the kids to be dressed and ready to go at a moment's notice and Hannah Jane noted that he drove the wrong way from our house when he left for work, likely driving up the canyon a patch to check the river levels before work.

We do have neighbors on the street who are very much in the danger zone as well as a few that have driveways that cross bridges which would be torn out by the flood.  Being in the heart of LDS country, everyone is organized and ready with 200+ sandbags filled by the young people last week and a plan of action for when the time comes.  We repeatedly make offers to help in the effort when the waters rise, but are told that the ward has it handled.  We're lucky to know that there's a group that is prepared and ready.  Can't ask for much more than that, I suppose.

So for today, we're going about business as usual, but with shoes laid out and ready, with the 72 hour emergency kit that I put together last year at a friend's relief society emergency preparedness meeting in the van and ready to go, and the radio on in the background just in case we need to make a run for it.  Everyone tells us that we're just out of harms way, by a matter of 50 yards or so, but after watching friends and family deal with the completely unexpected flood in the Nashville area last year, being just out of range doesn't feel all that secure.  Especially with such a small margin.


  1. Bless your hearts! I'm sorry you have to deal with that. And I am really sorry you are on an island, literally and figuratively. I will pray for you and your neighbors. You are a smart momma to have that emergency kit, I think that's a good project for me this week.

  2. I heard about the river yesterday and how the city is really worried about it. I hope you won't need the emergency kit, but I'm glad that you have it. We have been praying that the river won't flood.

  3. I don't know the circumstances as to why they didn't accept your offer to help sandbag, but it may show how a lot of hypocrisy has infected many Latter-day Saints. If they can't accept help from angels in disguise such as Joe and yourself and your beautiful family, how can they ever receive real angels from heaven again unless it is for a stern reprimand? Another word for illegitimate children would be appropriate (if they are being a little prideful), but I couldn't say that without being accused of swearing ;-) May God protect you guys and your house from any potential flooding.

  4. Thanks guys! Nikki, it's no big deal. No one was rude at all, just had it all figured out already, I suppose. Sometimes feeling like you can pitch in and help makes you feel a little less helpless, and there are so few chances to help our neighbors in a meaningful way. I assume that if more hands are needed, they know where to find us! But really, our ward is super together and I'm sure they've got it all squared away. I didn't mean to sound cranky about it. Just feeling out of the loop. You are so sweet to swoop in to our defense. Hugs!

  5. That was me, Brian...Just covering all the bases just in case! Glad they weren't rude.

  6. LOL! Very kind, Brian! All of the above still stands.

  7. We'll have your family and the whole area in our prayers! We love you!


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