April 16, 2011

Snicker About Regret Sandy

I've been blog reluctant this week.  With Joe's job situation, applications and interviews and the like, I'm never quite sure what I can share.  Plus I'm suddenly totally bummed about the whole thing and trying not to divulge my deepest desires on the topic of where I hope we end up just in case Joe's are different or what I really want doesn't come through.  I wouldn't want him to feel like he's let me down if what I really wanted was out of the question.  Why add to his stress.  Right?  But I think my feelings are starting to show, despite my best effort.  As we near the home stretch of job finalization I'm getting more emotional over the whole thing.

So, yeah.  I've been less enthusiastic about sharing the ins and outs of your daily lives these days.  But tonight we did something totally worth sharing.  A total mood changer.  A right of passage, shall we say, of the youngest two Christison kids.

Snicker About.  Regret Sandy.

Yup!  That's what we did.  Well, actually we Snickered about and regretted I scream instead of sandy, but I should explain.

There was a stage in our family life where sweet and innocent Hannah Jane would simply express a want, the boys being also sweet and innocent and somewhat demanding about their wants would overhear what she was asking about and assume they were entitled to it.  This would result in Hannah Jane simply asking if we could go out for doughnuts, me saying no, and the boys flipping out like they had been promised doughnuts and were now being scammed out of them.  Hannah Jane being witty as she is, quickly began speaking in code about everything that could possibly set the boys off.  I mean, you don't want a screaming brother, but sometimes when you ask for a doughnut, you get one.  So she didn't want to stop asking all together.  Code served her well.  Once I said yes to something, she'd tell the boys.  If I said no, they had no idea what we were talking about.

This stage of familyhood came about the same time we instituted one on one date nights.  We tried (we were better about this back then and should really be more vigilant now that I think about it) to make sure that once a month someone got a date with someone else.  There was a rotation system that went something like Hannah Jane and Daddy, Hunter-roo and Momma, Haven and Daddy, Hannah Jane and Momma...You get it.  The kid to parent ration in our family made for an easy mixed rotation where everyone got time with everyone else.

Well, Hannah Jane started asking for date nights at random and again, the boys wold hear and scream for a date of their own and so inevitably we'd end up going some place as a family so that everyone got the date.  While this was fun, it wasn't actually a date, as far as Hannah Jane was concerned.  Enter the code.

Hannah Jane and Joe came up with "Snicker about.  Regret sandy."  Which means, "Let's sneak out and get some candy!"  It was genius!  And so darn cute that it was hard to say no to.  We kept that code with Hannah Jane for years!

So tonight when Hannah Jane slipped into my bed in her jammies and whispered the code, my eyes perked up (I had almost forgotten about it) and I said yes!  But when she ran back to tell Joe I had said yes, I could tell this was different.  They planned to initiate the boys into the code world tonight and take them all to snicker about for the first time ever.

Joe told them the code.  He did not tell them that it had been used to exclude them for years.  They loved it and Hannah Jane seemed to love getting to pass it on.  But tonight everyone wanted ice cream instead of candy so we "snickered about and regretted when I screamed." 

Off we went with the kids in their jammies, a full hour after bed time, to get I cream at our favorite malt shop, Casper's.  I of course took pictures of the boys' first ever snickering about, and the thing that is so fabulous about these pictures is that we left the house at a moment's notice and everyone is so perfectly styled as their true self.  They crack me up!

Hunter, being the hipster he is, wore his cars footies, snow boots, and his super cool hat.  He cracks me up with that hat!

Haven is on a jag where he likes to wear Hannah Jane's old purple unicorn footies every night.  He wore those and got a pink dipped ice cream with sprinkles to show the world how confident he is in his masculinity!  And no, mom.  I'm not worried :)  Just in love with his confidence!

Hannah Jane was fully accessorized with her giant wood beaded necklace and her princess jammies.   I think her stance is, you never know when someone will want to take you out for ice cream, so you might as well leave your jewelry on so you're always ready!

The boys' first ever snickering about and regretting Sandy was a hit!  They loved it and they all settled in for bed quickly when we got home a full 2 hours past bed time.  But it was totally worth it!

If you are reading this and you are family, please do not EVER tell the kids you know the code!  NEVER EVER!  They think this is a super secret code and they're the only ones in the club.  If word got out that I blogged about it, I'd be restricted to only ever blogging about boring things like math problems and watering the lawn.  Then what would we talk about?  So keep the code secret grandmas!  No blabbing!


  1. I'll keep the code secret! :)

  2. That. Is. Awesome. And I love the shots of the kids in their jammies! Especially Hunter's great hat.


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