April 8, 2011

USU re:WIND Fashion Show Video

Last night was the long anticipated re:WIND Fashion Show at USU, in which Hannah Jane's girls scout troop was invited to participate.  They worked side by side with sorority girls to design and create an outfit from a bygone decade made of recycled materials.  So fun!

Hannah Jane designed - and says she sewed all by herself too - a flapper dress made from her old history workbook.  What I envisioned was not nearly as adorable as what she came home with.  All sorts of maps and pictures of gladiators fighting in the arena, and factoids, and multiple choice test questions all shredded into fringe and bouncing around her as she flitted around, completely proud of herself!

We showed up for the rehearsal time before the show and the halls were filled with college age girls and guys in amazing, elaborate outfits made from just about anything you can imagine!  Soda bottle skirts, car part dresses, duct tape vests, starburst wrapper flapper dresses, license plate hats.  You name it, it was there!  One girl had this amazing ball gown and hat made from grocery bags, which Hannah Jane just adored!

Joe's complaint is that a lot of the designs weren't actually recycled, but re-purposed.  I mean, if you went out and bought a bunch of duct tape to make a vest, or a million shipping labels to make a dress, you weren't recycling, but engaging in further consumerism while pretending to recycle.  I liked his point, but the judges still awarded prizes to people who bought things to change and make into something else.

Anyway, the crowd was HUGE and the girls were so brave!  During the dry run in front of empty chairs, Hannah Jane said, "I can't do it, mom.  I can't dance and strut in front of that many people!"  But when the lights came on and it was her turn in front of hundreds of real people, she really worked it.  I was so darn proud!

She was so excited when it was all over.  So proud of herself, of her dress, of her friends!  A few women grabbed her and really complimented the heck out of her and she just ate it up!  The second we got in the car she called her aunt and her grandma to tell them every last detail of the night.  And I grabbed the phone to brag on her a little bit too!  I never would have been able to muster the guts to do what she did!    She rocked it!

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