April 10, 2011

What a Week!

Well, it's been a heck of a week!  Joe was finally struck down by whatever nasty illness the kids and I had and missed 3 days of work.  He's NEVER missed work being sick.  Ever. Wednesday night he finally went to the doctor and came out with a grab bag of prescription medications.  It was sort of ridiculous, actually, the amount of syrup, pills, inhalers with absurd looking attachments that they gave him!  We teased him a little about it , but were all happy that he would soon be made better by contents of the pharmacy bag.

Thursday, he finally went back to work and the kids and I were scheduled to work at the American West Heritage Center for Baby Animal Days.  Well, the snow and rain began to pour out of the sky, they wind whipped, and the kids were miserable sitting with the baby pigs at the center in the elements as kids came in and out of the pen to pet them.  The kids have wanted to work there for as long as I can remember, but this very first day on the job was so darn miserable that they begged never to have to go back again.  I felt horrible for them for being stuck there. 

Saturday we were slated to go back, but this time with Joe who was still unbelievably sick and showing no signs of being helped by the meds at all.  There was still a ton of snow on the ground and Joe was in no condition to spend 4 hours outside, but there was no way I was going to go back with the kids on my own.  I was considering whether or not to call and ask to be excused from our commitment on only our second day when I got the e-mail saying that volunteers need not show up, but should stay warm at home.  Hooray!!!

Today, Sunday, Joe was set to fly out to Cincinnati for a job interview but woke up with a giant lip.  And I mean giant!  And no one had even punched him!  LOL!  He thought it was an allergic reaction to a Power Bar, but he's eaten a ton of those with no reaction, so I flipped through all the papers that came with his medicines.  All 4 drugs had a warning that they could cause swelling of the lips and face.  How in the world were we to know which it was?

I called the doctor's office that prescribed the medicine and I was so unbelievably annoyed at the response I was given.  First, the woman kind of obnoxiously said, "Well, there's no way to know what he's allergic to!"  Okay.  Not the scientific response I was hoping for, but what can ya do?  She went on to say that my husband, whose mouth was swollen to unidentified proportions, had to sign something for her to be allowed to tell me whether or not he should stop taking his medicine.  Suddenly I wondered what big medical perk of being married that same sex couples are lobbying for because my husband could stop breathing right then and there and this nurse would demand that he be the one to speak to her because I'm just his silly wife. 

I handed the phone to Joe so he could make this nurse happy.  Then she proceeded to try to identify him by his phone number.  She insisted that his phone number was not in their computer so he wasn't their patient.  I held up the piece of paper from their office with his name and phone number printed right under the clinic's information, proving that they had at some point entered his number into the computer.  Then he offered them my number and they found his records.  No clue how that works when his number is on the paper, but whatever.  Finally she was willing to "help" him. 

She said she'd call in a prescription for a different antibiotic so he'd still recover and she suggested a pharmacy that would be open at this hour on a Sunday morning in our small town of church goers.  He asked if he could come in and get a shot to stop the facial sweeling and get rid of the hives he now had, but she said so long as he was breathing, they wouldn't do anything to stop the allergic reaction. 

We got to the pharmacy and it was not open.  We called back and had them send it to a different place and when we got there, they had not received it.  The pharmacist had to call the clinic and ask for it.  I know it's Sunday morning, but poor Joe was a mess and needed medical care that was anything but forthcoming!  I talked him into getting some Benadryl  for the hives since that's what Hannah Jane's doc had always suggested for her hives.  Well, that knocked him out like a baby and took care of the itching!

Now Joe was sufficiently recovering from his reaction, but there was no way he could drive himself to the airport all knocked out like he was.  I got the kids ready and we all drove sleeping Joe to Salt Lake City for his flight.  I sure hope he didn't fall asleep in the airport and miss it.  And I sure hope he's all better by the time they pick him up for interviews tomorrow morning.  I'm sure a night in a hotel room with no one to interrupt his sleep will make him feel good as new!

Once we dropped him off, I figured we had better find something fun to do on the trip back to break up the drive.  We stopped at a Super Target, which I'd never heard of before.  Pretty cool.  And oh, how I've missed Merona brand clothes.  I got a pair of shorts from the clearance rack.  And Hannah Jane has always begged me to get us matching mother daughter dresses, so I found a cute dress on the children's clearance rack that they had in small and extra large.  It's a little shorter on me than is probably intended, but it works and Hannah Jane is totally excited! 

Still, we needed something fun to do and so when I saw a Chuck-e-Cheese I just had to make an exit.  For a mere 5 bucks in tokens, the kids all played games, rode rides, and got these funny little ID cards with their pictures on them, certifying Hannah Jane as a crime scene investigator, Hunter as a policeman, and Haven as a space explorer.   How awesome is that?  I recall having despised Chuck-e-Cheese in Oregon.  All the noise, the screaming kids, the junk food.  But today we had a ball! 

Then it was back on the road.  When we got to Brigham City, Hannah Jane asked if we could pull off and get a closer look at those sad building where Native American Kids were once "schooled and civilized."  Why not?  I've always wanted to see them up close so we made another detour.  We didn't get out of the car for fear of being ticketed for trespassing, but we did drive up and down the little avenues and marveled at the sadness of the place. 

So it was a jam packed day of drama and adventure to end our super hectic week.  Here's to next week being less eventful!

Now we're settling in for

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