May 10, 2011

Brunelleshci and 1 point perspective

We've been taking a little tour of the renaissance period in our studies recently and our new obsession is the Medici family!  Talk about a crazy story!  If you don't know them yet, you absolutely must watch The Medici Family: God Fathers of the Renaissance!  Turns out that they funded pretty  much every artist that comes to mind when you think renaissance art, and without them and their oddly acquired fortune, there easily may not have been a Renaissance at all!

One of the people the Medici hired was self taught architect, Brunelleschi.  Our studies focused on the dome conundrum facing Florence at the time and Brunelleschi's ancient solutions, but we also read that he invented perspective.  Now honestly, I think it is weird to say that anyone invented perspective.  Feels like saying, "You know...that guy who invented vertical?"  I think of perspective as being something that existed whether or not people were using it in their art, but who am I to say?  I'm certainly no artist.  But I think the more accurate way to phrase it would be to say that Brunelleschi was the first to draw with perspective in the way we are taught in art class.  You know?  Vanishing point, rulers, lots of erasing?

Speaking of erasing, Hannah Jane asked how Brunelleschi used perspective if erasers hadn't been invented and he was likely drawing with charcoal.  I had no answer to that, so my art friends, if you know drop me a note.  I thought that was an excellent question!

We found this website, which has a fantastic step by step tutorial on using perspective to draw a room.  Hannah Jane was easily able to follow the instructions.  What she didn't find easy was getting the ruler to stay still while she drew her lines.  I remember all too well having tiny hands and having that ruler slip all over the place.  And well, it probably didn't help that we broke our ruler during the igloo building last week and so she had to use a giant measuring stick instead. 

 She sketched it out according to direction and erased all the overlapping bonus lines you end up with.

Here's her sketched room with skylight, rug, and wall art.

And the final product!  Not bad for a 7 year old!  She's so proud of it.  Even as I'm typing this, she's sitting beside me saying, "Couldn't you just walk right into it?  Sleep on that rug?  I'm amazing!"  And so humble...

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  1. Wow! Great picture, Hannah! Did you know one of the Medicis became a Pope?


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