May 2, 2011

Kids Cook Monday: Sushi

We decided to give sushi a try for Kids Cook Monday this week!  I love sushi and majorly crave it from time to time, so I was interested to see what the kids would think.  We did a rough version, non bothering to cut it into short rolls, but just leaving them long to avoid tearing them.  We bought seaweed wraps and rolled them with slices of cucumber, avocado, and sticky rice.  We also had soy sauce and sweet chili sauce for dipping.  

The boys and I loved it! Hannah Jane and Joe both thought it was the grossest thing ever. But everyone tried it, and I call that a win! Easy fresh snack for those who like sushi, and super affordable! What are your kids cooking this Monday?

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  1. I'm with Hannah Jane and Joe. I took Japanese in twelfth grade and one day we made sushi... I don't like sushi c:


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