May 5, 2011

science and showers

For the time being, the kids are sticking with those science journals they felt they had to start when we had our fabulous egg science morning.  It's just loose leaf paper, so I pulled down the folders leftover from unit convention so they could each build their own little science book. Then, of course, I found out that our community will be hosting unit convention again this year (oops!) but what can you do, really?  I'll contribute an extra 30 cents to the convention fund to repay them!  :)

Our next science activity to add to the book was on sound waves.  It was prompted by our K-12 curriculum, which we alwys feel the need to take a step farther than is requested.  First we read up on the basics of sound waves and listened to a story about the daughter of an oceanographer who was surprised to find that sound waves travel through water as well as air (even better, actually).  Then we asked ourselves, what about solids?

This picture cracks me up.  The question would be answered by putting their ears to the table and knocking on it with their knuckles.  This, in case you've never done it, will pack a punch to your ear drum.  Oops!  So I decided to have them listen in the air to me lightly scratching my nail on the table.  They couldn't hear a thing.  Then, with their ears to the table, I did it again and they all shot up  and said, "Whoa!  Did you hear that?  It's amazing!!!"

Next we pulled out the guitar and plucked high strings and low strings and talked about how their sound waves are different. 

Hannah Jane's drawing of hearing a bird in a tree

Hunter's journal sheet of hearing a dog bark

Haven also heard a dog bark.  Can you see that he named the dog Coco and called himself baby?  Funny little man!

Just like with the egg science, Hunter was unusually studious and focused, so I'm thinking we've found his handwriting motivation!  Yay!

On a completely different topic (and mostly this will only interest the grandparents in our lives who actually care about these funny little milestones),  the boys claimed they wanted a shower instead of a bath last night.  It was one of those mommy moments where you know they'll hate it (because they've tried it a million times and have always cried!), but you let them try it anyway just for the fun of it.  So they put on their new bath visors and got in. 

They loved it!  Who would have guessed?  Not me!  I think the visors made all the difference!  They washed their own hair (which is always a battle) and they giggled and played until the water was as high as it could go.  I had plugged the tub assuming that they'd realize the terror of flying water and ask immediately for a bath.  But nope!  So now we have a house full of showering big kids.  :(  Hopefully they'll still find room in their lives for a bubble bath now and then so I can pretend that they're still little.

That's the news from home for now! 

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