May 30, 2011

Vacation Part 2 with people pictures!

Okay, so these are a day later than expected (maybe 2) but we had a freakish Memorial Day snow that took out 2 of our biggest trees and I've been getting the school room ready for the first day of new grades tomorrow!  Whoo-Hoo!!!  So, pardon my lateness.

These are obviously the people pics.  Hunter, as usual, didn't want to be in many pictures, but he did want me to photograph his dog Max quite often, so I snagged a few as he was telling me to take a picture of his dog.  Haha! 

I realize as I watch this that Joe's mom and I have the same haircut and we have almost identical sun hats, bought at the same store in different states in only slightly different shades.  So if you haven't seen me in a while or have never seen me, you might get us confused.  When in doubt, the rule is that if the person you are seeing appears in any way capable of a tan, it's Gramma Jamma.  If they could be mistaken for albino, it's me!  Haha!

Hopefully tomorrow I can post a video of Hunter falling asleep in the van.  Cracks me up!  We watched this in the tee-pee instead of a bedtime story 2 nights in a row.  Hunter got a good laugh out of seeing himself so out of control of his neck!  But it's on my other computer, so unfortunately I can't add it now.

While in Moab, we ate dinner at this ridiculously perched restaurant called Sunset Grill.  As you can see in the video, Haven had gotten soaking wet in the Colorado River just before we headed there for dinner, so Jan and Joe had to dry his shorts with the car heaters turned up on high!  The views from this place were awesome and the history of the house was pretty cool too.  It was the home of the man who found Uranium in Utah, became a millionaire, and suddenly went from washing his clothes in the river on a wash board to having his laundry flown to a different town to be washed by someone else.  He also decided that since TV reception in Moab was no good, he'd just get a jet and put a TV on it and when his kid's favorite shows were on, they'd just fly up where the reception was better and watch them in the air.  This was back in the 50's so you can imagine how much more eccentric that would have seemed back then!  The grill in now in his home.  You can check out the history here.  It was a cool place to eat, but the road to get to it was scary as can be!  This broken down, potholed and thin driveway that winds up a cliff's edge.  It was nuts!  That's another video I'll have to post tomorrow!

Alright, that's all I've got tonight!  Sorry to rush it, but I'm off to finish our school planning and figure out how I'm going to live without my most beloved trees!

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