June 23, 2011

Birthday, swim lessons, and Shriners

How's that for a creative blog title?  A list of my back log of events to share!  We've been slammed with fun and excitement!  So much so that I haven't blogged any of the good stuff because more good stuff has been keeping me busy! And it certainly ain't over!  But tonight I'm trying to squeeze in a post so I don't feel overwhelmed with catch up blogging!  And my camera battery died half way through the week, so most of my pics are a bit blurry because they were taken on my phone.  What kind of blogger am I, anyway?  Phone pictures?  Well, it's the best I could do for one week.

Last Saturday we had Haven's first ever actual birthday party.  Totally cute!  He invited 3 friends and their siblings to go to our humble town zoo and to the park.  It was so much fun!

Monday the kids all had their very first ever swim lessons.  Yes, we're quite behind on getting Miss Hannah Jane in lessons, but we're hoping it's not a lost cause.  I signed them all up for level one, but Hannah Jane was instantly promoted to level 2 after putting her face in the water without crying.  Apparently that is all level one swim lessons are about.  Day one was awesome.  Day two left Hannah Jane feeling a bit overwhelmed.  She was the only one in her group not to float on her back, but she's also the only one that never got to go through level 1, so I thought she was doing just fine.  Day 3 she floated for a split second (maybe) and that gave her a little confidence boost.  Day 4 she floated for a legitimate second, so she was so excited!

Hunter, who sometimes seems to be afraid of just about everything, just totally rocked the pool the first 2 days.  He didn't cry a bit about going under.  Then on day 3 he freaked out, but did everything they asked while he was screaming.  Day 4 he screeched and wouldn't do a thing.  I bribed, threatened, pep talked and reasoned, but that boy was not going back in that pool. The following is a video of what I did to get him over the hump about getting his face wet.  Sorry it's sideways.  I took it on my phone.

And Haven, well, I knew he'd do it with no problem.  For a year he has declared that he knows how to swim on account of having survived the bathtub all those times!   The night before lessons, I had a dream in which the kids were all taking a bath in a friend's giant round tub and Haven kept his face under, swimming in circles the whole time.  So, I guess my gut just knew this wouldn't be a problem for him.  He's so cute, though.  Every time he does anything in the pool, he looks up and finds me in the bleachers to give me a big double thumbs up!  Melt my heart!

Tuesday we went up to Shriner's to get a new prosthesis for Miss Hannah Jane.  When we met with the surgeon, we found out that is hadn't been a year since our last visit...it had been TWO YEARS!!!  She's never had a foot last that long - not even close - but I don't think to make her an appointment if it's not bothering her at all.  And since she almost doesn't grow these days, it just didn't bother her.  She did get her "pictures taken," meaning X-rays, which always makes her feel like a celebrity.  The docs and nurses go on and on about what beautiful pictures she takes.  So beautiful, in fact, that they're on all the computers in the building!  Haha!  She could be a bone model!  She loves it!

Our friends who live near Salt Lake are moving to Oregon, of all places, next week and although we already said our last goodbyes a few weeks ago, they decided to come to the hospital and hang out with us between appointments for the afternoon.  It was totally fun!  I thought they'd be gone already after we headed to our second appointment, but when it was all over they were still playing in the gymnasium with  the kids in residence.  Turns out that Shriner's Hospitals are fun even when you don't have to be there!

So we enjoyed one last Hoorah with our beloved friends!  That's the whole crew in front of the new Alvin and the Chipmunk Figures in the lobby.

That's all for now.  As if it wasn't enough!  Tomorrow I'll try to catch you up on our fabulous 9 year wedding anniversary and Hannah Jane's major project for a girl scout patch! 

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