June 24, 2011

Blog Updates and School Photos

I have exciting news!  Now that I actually have a smart phone, I was able to see how poorly my blog comes across on small devices.  Now At Home with Momma Skyla  is smart phone optimized, meaning that if you log on from your phone or iThing (whichever iTHing you may have), you will find a new, easy to browse version just for small devices.  Look at me being all tech savvy and up to date (only a year or so late)!

No, that's not the reason for the changes on the web layout.  That was pretty much so that the pictures could display larger for my *cough* more mature family members and friends *cough* whose eyes aren't what they once were.  But I like it.  Slightly less cluttered.

Now check this out!  School Photos!!!  That's right, folks!  The photo booth at the mall makes lovely wallet sized photos just like the ones you were tormented with at school.  Only cooler.  And in black and white.  And without the creepy man yelling, "Say pickles!!!"  Did you have the photo guy at your school with the comb over who made you say weird things so your face was always crumpled up strange for at least one of the 3 pictures he took of you, only to pick the weirdest of the three to send home to mom?  Well, I did.  And judging by my part in the school photos, I wanted that ugly face legacy to live on.  Ignore my super stupid face in Hunter's.  The kids decided they wanted me in their last shots, but then they were distracted by my presence and I was so busy trying to convince them to still look at the camera that I ended up looking absurdly...um...hideous!  Almost like I'm wrestling them down, which I sort of was.  So, yeah.  Ignore that.  Or laugh is you must, but never to my face.  I'm very sensitive, you know.

Don't they all look the same age?  Freaks me out.  It's really obvious in these pictures how very little Hannah Jane has grown!  Crazy!  I do feed her.  I promise!  The doc at Shriners looked at her growth charts  when she realized that she had made a prosthetic last for 2 whole years - which is practically unheard of at her age - and said that 2 years ago she was in the 25th percentile and she has dropped to the 14th.  But that she looked amazingly healthy and ran faster than anyone in the hospital (which, honestly isn't saying all that much, is it?) so she didn't have any concerns.   She followed this up by saying, "Well, look at you!  You're petite.  So it's just in her genes!"  She says this as I tower over her, a long 5 foot 9 over her adorable little 5 foot 5 or so self.  Interesting observation, I thought.  Perhaps we need a second opinion?  Haha!  No one has ever called me petite!  It made my day!  According to the doc, I can stop ordering the high priced specialty tall pants and go with the cheaper petites!  Haha!

I just love the pics.  Photo booths are so darn fun!  These will go in their school files for the year and we'll take another round at the beginning of each summer to see how much they've grown (or not).  And maybe I can get out of it, because honestly, in your thirties do you really want to start documenting your aging process annually?  I think not.


  1. Soooo cute! I love that you got in the last picture with each of them. Did you make the name tags at the top? Oh, and happy anniversary sometime around now! Hahaha (I really don't remember the date, what a horrible maid-of-honor I am!)

  2. Oh my gosh! The fact that you even have the remotest idea of the season astounds me. You've always impressed me with your memory for dates! Me? You know I've never remembered a soul's birthday! Joe and I both forgot our anniversary pone year! Seriously! I added the names with photoscape.

  3. Just adorable. You and your kids, and your creative ideas. :) Kids grow the way they grow. HJ is happy and lively; what more do you want? Oh, and she writes some mean, strikingly original poetry. That's all I need.

  4. Haha! Gotta love how profound you can sound when you get yourself a magnetic poetry kit, eh, Sally? Not worried at all about her tininess because you're right. She's a live wire! And I always envied shorter girls, so I think she's got it all! Magnetic poetry and an adorable height!

  5. Cute pic really..Now i can say that photo booths are make memorable our festive.


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