June 17, 2011

Crafty Kind of Week

I thought to myself, Ahhh...summer.  Long days of endless free time.  Well, that's sort of true.  Less pressure and scheduling does in fact lead to more free time.  But the trouble with free time is how fast we fill it.  Am I right?

This week has been packed with good stuff!  Lots of crafts and lots of friends! 

We started the week off by making invitations for Haven's birthday party.  This will be his first ever real party.  He has invited 3 friends (he's very choosy!  Hehe!) to meet us at the zoo for cupcakes and animals.  He picked Star wars themed cupcakes for the zoo, so he insisted that the invites have a Star Wars/ safari theme.  Gee.  That's not weird at all!  Haha!  Needless to say, you can't find invites like that at the store, so we had to make them.  Yoda scrap book paper, Zoo stickers, and the invitation portion itself all dictated by his royal highness for his 3 most cherished friends.  Turned out totally cute in that tacky sort of way. 

I got bitten by the sewing bug again.  Finally.  After I made our costumes for the American West Heritage Center this summer, I was totally over sewing for a while.  I feel stressed out by any project that has to have a particular finished look and will then be inspected by someone who will tell me whether I pass or fail.  Certainly the volunteer coordinators are kind and forgiving, but there is an emphasis on being historically accurate as well as being nicely put together.  All that meant that I didn't really enjoy the process of making our costumes.

Just for the fun of it, I pieced a quilt top for a crib sized quilt.  No.  That's not a hint at baby news.  Crib sized is just a manageable size to make in a day.  I just had this quilting energy all built up that I needed to get out.  And lo and behold the quilt top is the only one I've ever made that actually lays flat with no puckers!  Hooray for me!  Maybe if I finish it up with quilting and binding and it still looks nice I'll put in on etsy or give it to my next friend to give birth to a girl.  In the great state of Utah, there's never a shortage of people in need of a baby gift!

Speaking of baby gifts, I knitted up a gift for a friend who is having a boy soon.  I won't divulge exactly what it is until I've actually given it to her.  I meant to give it today when we were at her house for play time, but I totally forgot and here it sits on my night stand.

Last night I made a good start on a throw pillow for the bed that was absolutely outside my normal skill set.  I totally conquered the ever tricky curved piecing for this and I'm totally proud of myself.  I kept going in the laundry room where Joe was repairing some drywall and saying, "I know that you don't get how hard this is, so it won't impress you at all, but you still have to check out how much I rocked this pillow!"  He appeased me with the appropriate amount of praise and congratulations, although I know he had no clue what the big deal was.  If you sew, you might remember being a beginner and how daunting it was to connect two continuously curved pieces and get them to lie flat when you're all done.  I can't wait to see it on our bed. We haven't had any throw pillows since we went green. 

Finally, I made a totally cute decoration for the bedroom wall.  I saw this months ago (can't remember where) on a decorating blog and loved it.  The big wedding month being mostly over, Wal-Mart decided to clearance a bunch of wedding bouquets,  so I finally made it!  A frame with a vase of flowers in it, looking almost like a painting, except that random bits of leaf and petal extend past the frame.  I LOVE IT!!!  Granted, there's an exercise bike underneath, kind of ruining the view, but if I block out the bike, it was the perfect touch for the bedroom wall.

Next week we plan to make egg shell candles and wax dipped pine cones.  We'll see how that goes, being that I've never done anything with wax.  And I'll try to finish off that baby quilt by appliqueing some birds on the backing fabric and free motion quilt it myself.  So, I've never free motion quilted before either.  This is the summer to try new crafts!  Who knows what else we will come up with?  Crafty, crafty!


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