June 6, 2011

Kids Cook Monday: Orange Dream Sickle Cake

So, this isn't our most health conscious Kids Cook Monday ever, but if kids are to learn to appreciate cooking, they must appreciate some indulgences once in a while.  Right?  We're hosting our interfaith dinner  tonight and wrapping up our reading of the Quran.  Yes!  We read the whole thing!  Yay us!  And no...I don't think it's all that controversial now that I've read it for myself.  Up next, we're reading the Apocrypha!  Can't wait!  Anyway, our contribution to the meal tonight is my favorite summer treat, Orange Dream Sickle Cake!  Or ice cream pie (as we call it, even thought there's really nothing pie like about it).

Haven slept in this morning, so he didn't get to help cook.  Hannah Jane and Hunter got the joy of working with the stand mixer -something they've longer to do for ages now.

The recipe we used is on my recipe blog, Skyla's Kitchen, here.  I'm not going to take the time to rehash it since you can pop over and check it out there. 

I did my shopping last night on the way home from Feast, and it was late, and I was tired, and I had Hannah Jane with me who should have been in bed hours and hours earlier, so I was rushing.  Needless to say, I wasn't on my shopping A game and I forgot to buy the sweetened condensed milk.  So I substituted with what I had that I approximated might work.  We used a half can of evaporate milk and a cup of brown sugar instead.  I think it tasted pretty much the same, so yay for ingenuity (is that the correct word for this scenario?)!

The kids took turns flipping ingredients into the mixer and scraping the sides of the bowl to prevent major lumps.  They did a pretty good job, I'd say.  And they had fun.

Hannah Jane spent quite a while using her finger to dig out the last remains of whip cream for her own personal breakfast addition.  Gross. 

Can't wait to share our treat with friends tonight!  You really have to try this for your next hot summer day treat.  I'd say it's about as good as it gets.  And we always have a lot of the cream stuff left over to put in our orange juice the next morning for an extra treat!  Love it!

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