June 4, 2011

Links to Printables

My neighbor and friend, Lucie, runs a preschool and mentioned in passing that I should give her a list of my favorite sites for school activities.  I shyly revealed that I rarely frequent the same site but rather wear it out, print everything I like, and then completely forget about it. 

But this past week was devoted almost solely to getting the school room stocked and ready to roll on new grade levels, which we theoretically started on Wednesday, but in reality, that was pretty much our version of school orientation.  You know how little actually gets done on the first days of school?  Hunter will be joining us in a more serious and goal oriented way now that he a big shot kindergartner, so I bought some new things for the school room to fix it up and help me get organized enough to meet everyone's needs.  When people ask why we homeschool and I can tell they're not really asking for the serious answer, I usually say, "Well, I was a teacher before and 3 of my kids seems a lot easier than 30 of someone else's!"  Which almost always gets an Amen.  But now that Hunter has arrived on the scene, I'm thinking that teaching 2 or 3 at different learning levels with the same level of intensity is way harder than 30 at a relatively similar level.  I need to get organized fast! 

My point is that our first official week of the new school year (on Christison time, of course) went mostly to ironing out details, defining expectations, and coming up with a routine for our days that everyone felt like they had a little input in.  Hannah Jane wanted extra time committed to history on the schedule.  Hunter wanted yoga on there.  And Haven insisted that tea time was essential (this required a trip to the store for some decaf).

Now that all of that is worked out and I'm ready to get to the meat of the lesson planning, I turn to the web for some free assistance, at which point I realize that I do have a few links under my belt.  Especially for the PreK-K crowd.  Hopefully, the lovely Lucie will check in and find something that she finds useful.  This planning, gathering, printing, and organizing is my absolute favorite time of home schooling.  So much potential lies ahead and you can just taste all of the fun you're going to have when you spread out all of the activities in front of you!  Love it!

So, here are a few of my go-to sites for printables or plans.

Mrs. Kilburn's Kiddos has all kind of Printables, but better yet, she has these funny little graphic depictions of plans that go along with a certain theme.  Not so much a schedule of activities, but a cute little map of possible theme related ideas.  Love it!

The Moffatt Girls is a new find for me and I've worn it out!  The ready to read units are not just free, but of professional quality.  Cute sight word collections, adorable word flowers and bug that use sound groups, and so much more.  If you've read me for any time at all, you probably know I have a major beef with the whole language approach.  That said, I still think sight words have some major value when not used to the exclusion of phonics.  Her Ready to read units are the perfect balance of the two!  There are only 3 units up now, but checking the dates, they are current, so I'm hopeful that she'll keep 'em coming! 

Confessions of a Home Schooler was the first time I was wowed by another mom's creations and willingness to share for free.  What this mom creates is amazing for pre school aged kiddos.  Honestly, I thought we wore this site out last year (the letter lessons are fab!) and didn't intend to come back this year, as we had done it all.  But what do ya  know?  When I checked back to get the link for this post, I was happy to find new things, at a slightly higher learning level than before.  Hooray!  Can't say enough good stuff about this one.

I used to do participate in the weekly meme over at Preschool Corner on Fridays.  Not only are there lots of free lessons and printables there, but the links that roll in on Fridays are chock full of creative moms that will inspire any home schooler or teacher.  I'd still do it, but we're kind of outgrowing the preschool aged things and even though Haven is still easily preschool aged (he'll be 4 in a week and a half!!!) he's an eager little fella who wouldn't tolerate for a moment doing anything other than what big brother is doing.  We're not letting him call himself a Kindergartner because Hunter has worked long and hard for that distinction.  But he's pretty  much dong all the same things.  The only difference being that I don't demand that Haven stay put and do the school work, but Hunter must.  Only thing is, they're best friends, so where ever Hunter is, whatever Hunter is working on, Haven is too.  So sadly, no more preschool corner for us.  I've gotta figure out what the next level is for memes because that really motivated me to get on here and post about our days!

That's all I can think of for now, for the littles.  I'll share some for the older crowd on a different occasion!  Hope you find something in there that knocks your socks off and eases the planning burden for a day or three!

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  1. I love confessions of a homeschooler too.


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