June 7, 2011

Longings and motherhood (along with realizations about former friends and rock stars)

Ever notice how glamorous people's daily lives seem in the blogosphere?  I ran across the blog of a friend I had in 7th grade and realized that her BFF is one of the cool cats in the young Baha'i scene that I totally adrore from afar.  A quasi celebrity in my little world.  And of course I was totally jealous of her friendship until I linked over to that rock star of a personality's blog from hers and realized that I have zero in common with this person that I had always assumed would be right up my alley if our paths ever were to cross.  Funny how that happens.

But other than crushing my imaginary potential kinship, this little adventure in blog land was still worth my time.  While looking at the cool person's wife's site (am I being vague enough here not to be a gossip?) I found a link to a site with an awesome weekly post.  This new, random blogger overlays beautiful scenery with quotes about longing.  "Here's to longing."  Such beautiful pictures and such thought provoking ideas about the concept of longing.  You can check out that particular blog by someone who may or may not be my super blogging soul mate here.

This was my favorite of hers.  Isn't that just lovely?

So I asked myself, what do I long for?  Longing is a word that carries with it such a supreme level of ache and need that I can't even believe I long for anything.  I mean, I so rarely ache for something.  That is unless I considered longing on my kids' behalf.  As a parent, sometimes you forget to long for yourself and every sparkle of desire you can muster is transferred squarely to the foreheads of your children.  Cliche?  Yeah, probably.  But honestly, what is worth longing for other than goodness and hope?  And what is more hopeful for the world than a child?  And what children do I have more love for and responsibility towards than my own?  (Yeah, I know I'm supposed to love everyone's kids as much as my own, but I'm not that enlightened quite yet!)  Oh, how very uncool I sound.  Very much the opposite of my very cool unnamed Jr. High friend and her tragically hip rock star acquaintances.  But I can take it.  Like I said, it's not like we're soul mates or anything ;)

So I decided to make my own picture.  Not of longing but of motherhood and all of it's particular hopes.  Completely lame, but from the heart.  Despite my complete lack of artistic abilities, this is my photographic love letter to the littles- those tiny reciprocals of endless longing for a magical tomorrow.


  1. Love your photographic love letter. And I have no idea who you were talking about, so no gossip on my end! lol

  2. Loved the picture post card love letter. I just spent two weeks with my 85-yr-old mother and I tell you such a longing for God's highest Good in your children's lives, never goes away.

  3. Sounds like a lovely visit, Darrell. I can only imagine what kind of woman could raise such a man as you! Haha! She'd have to have a good dose of humor and patience, for sure! I'll bet she's a character!


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