July 25, 2011

Back in the Saddle (for now)

Round one of company is gone.  We had a lovely few days with Gramma Jamma and for the first time Aunt Stacey and cousin Emmy came to visit us!  It was fabulous!  The kids didn't even know they were coming so it was a fabulous surprise!

Now we have 2 weeks until our 10 day adventure in Oregon and then a week home (I think) before my dad arrives for a week.  So we're cramming in all the school work we can in between our blocks of absences and visits. 
The Weekly Prep Mess
Here's my giant mess that I make for just a little while each Sunday as I gather and prepare for the week ahead.  Nice, Huh?  Have you noticed the rash of homeschooling moms who are also photographers and they do these posts that are written in a self deprecating tone, saying things like, "Look at how messy our house is.  Can you believe how crummy I am?"  But they photograph their mess (which isn't really all that much of a mess to begin with) with a fancy lens, softening the edges and making the mess look like a magical glowing pile of creativity.  What kills me is that they are written as if to say, "You think I'm amazing, because I blog all about my amazing life and the amazing things that I do with my kids, but look.  I'm just like you.  I have a messy house."  But in reality all this post says that they're so amazing that even their messes are superior to ours.  That doesn't work on me, of course, because I live in blog land as well and I know how much better moms can appear on screen than they really are!  So, here's my real mess.  No fancy lens.  Not piled strategically for a picture.  The real deal complete with a wet towel, some Wal-Mart bags (because we're classy like that) and all the little cardboard scraps from the back of packaging of our new erasers and pencils. 

I may have mentioned that the kids decided that they wanted school uniforms.  I threw it out there in passing that I always wished that my school had uniforms and how much simpler life would have been.  Hannah Jane, who is always left out of the twin thing that the boys try to work jumped on this idea as a way to finally be coordinated with them.  The boys thought it sounded all official and jumped on board with Hannah Jane.  Of course, days later I land on a huge polo shirt sale at Fred Meyer so I thought, why not?  Now each of them owns 2 polos, 2 button downs, and an array of khaki pants, shorts and skirts (um...she has the skirts.  Not the boys.  Just in case you were wondering).  They LOVE it!  Once we started down this path I happened across an old blog where I scoffed at how absurd having uniforms for home school would be.  Haha!  Look at us now, not even a year later, all matchy-matchy.  The other day Hannah Jane way lounging in my bed in her uniform, conjugating the Latin verb for to build, saying, "This is just so great!  I mean look at me!  I'm all dressed like a serious academic and I still get to do Latin in my mom's bed!  This rocks!"  She makes me smile.

 So for the first time in a week, we donned our matching attire this morning and got back into work to start our 2 week school run before we set out on our next break.

Hannah Jane's flute is FINALLY back from the shop.  Instrument repair is one of the few things that makes me curse living in a small town.  I dropped it off for minor repair that I couldn't handle myself.  We're talking at 20 minute fix.  He quotes me 2 weeks.  In 4 weeks he calls me and says that it's not entirely done, but he feels pressured on this one and feels like I want it back.  I don't know how leaving him alone and uncontacted for 4 weeks and not even mentioning his tardiness makes him feel pressured, but whatever.  I did confirm that I want it back.  4 weeks with no practice can be a major set back at her age and so we'll just come on in and get it.  It plays fine.  I don't know what they problem was that he thinks he didn't fix, but it's good to have it back. 

It's good to be back.  If only for a little while.

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