July 2, 2011

The Best Canada Day EVER!

So yes, our town celebrated our country's independence on some other country's  big day.  So I suppose rather than saying that we had a lovely time celebrating the 4th of July on the 1st, I should say we had the best Canada Day ever!  In fact, this is the first time I know of having done something fun on Canada Day at all!  

You know how impossible it is for kids to wait for something as fun and infrequently enjoyed as fireworks.  Postpone the start of that something special until 3 hours past bedtime and you have serious meltdown potential on your hands.  So we had to make the whole evening super fun to make the wait bearable.  The Providence Splash Pad was just the ticket!
The kids ran wild through the water in their super not Canadian Swim trunks.  I know. We're lousy impostors.

We basked in the sun (with our super spf, of course).

We conquered mountains (and planted little Canadian flags at the top, claiming the playground for the monarchy)!

Then we ran away from the kid in the maple leaf swim trunks who was yelling, "FAKERS!!!!"

Okay, so we're not the best Canadians ever, but we did have a fun Canada Day.  And now that we know it was Canada Day, we understand why a sorority girls in the student center bathroom were singing Oh, Canada to Haven while he pottied.  It all makes sense now.

Happy Canada Day, 4th of July, or whatever other national holiday you may or may not be accidentally observing this weekend!

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