July 1, 2011

Independence never tasted so sweet!

Apparently this town of ours has issues with doing fireworks on the holiday itself.  This marks maybe 3 years here and we've never ever gone to see them on the actual 4th.  I think.  Last year I had my wisdom teeth removed the day before and with the painkillers, I can't exactly say anything for certain about that holiday.

Anyway, it crept up on me this year.  We were leaving a friend's house after dinner a couple of nights ago and she asked if we wanted to join them for the fireworks show on Friday.  What?!?!?  Friday?  I have absolutely nothing cool planned for the kids!  Ack! 

But then I was wasting time on facebook and saw a little gem in the sidebar.  A small ad which asked, "Do you support American products?" and had a picture of a red white and blue strawberry under it.  Now, I never click on fb ads.  Never ever.  So I can't give credit to the site that posted it because I have no idea what the company or group was.  But I did decide to rip off the idea and post it here to share.  Sorry advertiser!  We're doing this my way and you're not even going to get to spam me over it!

On the way home from the library we stopped at our friendly neighborhood hole-in-the-wall grocery store and paid far too much for these 3 simple items: 


 blue sprinkles

And Whit chocolate chips.  That's it!

I assume you are supposed to use a double boiler for chocolate, but until yesterday I hadn't even taken the time to google what a double boiler is.  Now I know.  But I still won't use one for chocolate because I have this fabulous mini crock pot that came as a little surprise gift inside of my larger, dinner size crock pot.  It's adorable!  And perfect for fondue and chocolate melting.

So I just melted the chocolates, dipped the berries, rolled the tip in sprinkles, and voila!  So stinkin' adorable!  I laid them out on a piece of wax paper to cool and firm up a bit only to realize (after I had made enough that it was too late to do anything about it) that I had laid the paper upside down and the food was in fact no cooling on the wax side.  I panicked!  How supremely devastating would it be for something so cute to get uglified as I tried to peel it off of the wrong side of the wax paper.  I held my breath and gently tested a cooled berry and much to my relief it peeled up like a dream.  Pfew!  Now I'm wondering what the point of the waxy side is when things like this peel right off the rough side.  Who knows?  I'm just glad it all worked out.

I did make a few sans sprinkles because honestly, once you hit a certain age of maturity you can suddenly;y taste all the chemicals that make something a brilliant color and things like sprinkles become intolerable.   Something decadent like a chocolate dipped strawberry loses a bit of its elegance.  But for the kids, and for the sake of completing the patriotic color pallet, I went for half and half.  Sprinkle half for those 4 foot and under, no sprinkle for those with a more sophisticated (meaning old) taste. 

I can't wait to take these little cuties to eat out under the fireworks on our picnic blanket with our friends.  I don't think they've ever eaten something so festive for Independence Day!  Hooray!

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