August 29, 2011

One Last Summer Trip

Well, my dad hit the road back home.  We put him on a shuttle from the University Inn, all cried a bit, and thought a trip to Bear Lake would take everyone's minds off of Pa's departure.

We packed in haste, forgetting all of the important things (like Joe's swim trunks, anything to put on the bread we brought for sandwiches, or a knife to cut the watermelon).  Somewhere, the Taylors are laughing at us right now because not too long ago we went camping with them and forgot to pack diapers!

The first thing the kids ever want to do at Bear Lake is swim, but upon our arrival in our tent site, lightening filled the sky.  Yes, it was far off, but still....why risk it?  So we went over to the bike rental place and rented a family size novelty bike to pedal down the road for a famous Bear Lake raspberry shake.

While we waited for our food (for what seemed like an eternity), Haven found this cool seat and begged for a picture in it!  That's my guy.  Wanting a photo of all things cool!  Joe says living with me is like being a celebrity with paparazzi following you everywhere!  I'm passing that on to the next generation.

 Next it was off for sunset at the boardwalk.  Joe rescued this dragonfly from drowning and then wanted a picture of it.  He asked to see the pic, but my camera battery was low so I denied his request in an effort to preserve battery.  He called me a picture hog.  Here is your picture, babe.  Is it all you hoped it would be?  LOL!

 The boys looked for signs of life in shallow streams along the beach area.  I never saw much, but they are sure that that little pool is teeming with life.

 Joe swung Hannah Jane out over the water, echoing screams of joy/fear across the great wide open.

Haven, who did not finish his sandwich, snuck over when no one was looking and stole the chip bag - a bag which had been denied him when it was clear he wasn't going to finish his sandwich.  That is the face of a boy who thinks he has gotten away with the most fabulous of crimes!

The last remaining rays of sun sparkled beautifully across the grass and reeds that poked through the water.

 Hannah Jane took this for us.  Ignore our frumpiness...we are camping, after all.  Joe looks fab even when he's camping.  It's totally unfair, but lucky for me.

 I just love the boardwalk.   Is there anything prettier?  I think not.  Especially at dusk.

 Then it was marshmallow time!  Best time of the night!

We went back to the beach in the morning for one last look.  Hannah Jane brought along her ponies and set up and Inca courier route in one of the little ditches leading to the water!  Apparently citrus was having a party and in the absence of mail or internet, she had to use the courier service to invite all of the other ponies.  It worked.  Her party was well attended!   You gotta' love that connection between school and vacation!

 Don't ya just love sparkly morning light on the water?

 On the way home we stopped at Tony Grove.  This is hands down my favorite place in all of Utah (that I've actually seen).  Picture perfect in every way. 

 Well, picture perfect until Hannah Jane found a leech in the water that she was wading in.  Seriously.  Ick!  Ick, but exciting!  Joe got it with a stick and we did what any curious family would do...

We took turns touching it and yelling, "Eeew!  I touched a leech and it was slimy!!!"  I mean, that's what you would have done.  Right? 

The boys seemed utterly unbothered by the fact that there were leeches in the water and went about thier business of seeing how many rocks they could pile on pieces of bark before said pieces would sink or dump off their passengers. 

Today we got back to the grind.  But our grind is fun, so it's no problem to get back into it.  In fact, I'm looking forward to getting settled in to our same old boring routine.  Stay tuned for all kinds of educational fun!  I've got lots of great ideas up my sleeve for fall!

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  1. Loving the pictures! The ones of the dragonfly and the boardwalk were especially cool!


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