August 25, 2011

Sick Pa and Sand Art

My dad is here for a visit and of course he caught a head cold on the plane and has been miserable for the last 2 days.  Of course :(  I think he'd have been fine except I mentioned a little electrical problem our house has been having and being the electric guru that he is, he took it upon himself to fix it all on his first day here.  I think he wore himself out and made himself vulnerable to the bug he picked up in flight.  So today we've moped around the house and had nice conversation between his many, many naps.  I feel so terrible for him.  What a great time he must be having!

He was determined to convert the outlet beside our kitchen sink to a GFI outlet despite his misery, and in his weakened state he accidentally crossed wires or something and a big ole spark came popping out of the wall.  I realized it was time to distract the kids far from Pa and his tinkering, so I pulled out this sand art frame project that I bought at Michael's  last week for 88 cents each!  Love their clearance!

The boys were both determined not to participate.  I was bummed and pressured them a bit to just try it out and if they didn't think it was fun, they could stop.  Hunter never wants to do anything remotely structured and Haven will cave to whatever Hunter chooses most days.  But he's to the age now where I feel it appropriate to no longer ask if he wants to participate, but rather to tell him he's going to join us and just see what  happens.  He loved it.  Wouldn't you know that he had more fun than any of us?

Hannah Jane worked meticulously on hers forever, careful never to let the colors mix.  Hunter took his time and then left a little empty space so that he could spin his frame round and round and mix up the colors in a swirl.  Haven poured all of every color in until no more would fit and then shook it really hard, sending sand all over the kitchen.  But I was banking on a big mess, so there was no stress.  Haven even grabbed the broom and tried to clean up after himself without being asked.  It was one of those moments where his "clean up" make the mess even bigger, but you hate to discourage the thought.

So that was pretty much our day.  Lounging and making one art project.  Hannah Jane finally got so bored she willingly did school work without being asked, but other than that, we all kind of laid around and wasted a day.  It usually feels good to waste a day once in a while, but being Pa's only few days with us this year, I felt pretty lousy about it.  Hopefully he'll be back on his feet tomorrow.  And hopefully none of the rest of us are sick by morning!

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