August 3, 2011

Ties and Quilts and Cowboys!

It's been an oddball sort of week.  Not much school work has been done since we are cleaning and packing and getting things ready for our trip.  Hannah Jane recites her list of House of Wessex monarchs a few times each day and tries to finish off her memorization of Juliet's balcony monologue, but other than that, History Channel videos to keep them busy while I conclude all of my pre-trip responsibility is about the extent of our academic work.  I'm responsible for team building hour at Badasht Summer Scho, so I've been frantically trying to find random books and gadgets for our games.  Being that I've never even been to a Baha'i summer school before and we're driving so far that it's hard to pack much for games, I probably should have declined the offer to coordinate anything at all.  But I love to get in the action and just couldn't resist. 

In between monologues, finding enough matching socks to last us 10 days, and finding game materials we've managed to have some fun times! 

Joe bought a new work wardrobe this weekend because his work shirts were all getting old and tattered.  Since he bought a bunch of new ties, he gave each of the boys a tie to wear and tied it for them.  They thought this was the greatest thing ever.  Haven just beamed with pride as he looked at  himeself in the mirror.  I've never seen him more puffed up! 

And Hunter pranced around saying what a big man he was now and that he may not be able to hang out tomorrow because he was going to get a job like daddy.

I finally managed to finish Hannah Jane's memory quilt.  Finally.  She really put the pressure on me to get it done before our trip and stood over me as I sewed with a needy look on her face, like an addict waiting for a fix.  When we packed her for girl scout camp a couple of weeks ago, we found several things that she had finally outgrown, and her first words were, "Is this enough to finish my quilt?"  And she's talking about nothing else since that little pile out outgrown clothes formed. 

Because she's not only the oldest in the family, but also the slowest growing, her quilt patches span some serious time and memories.  She has her shirt from the all-comers meet at the US Olympic Track Trials, the tie dye we made for Disney Land, the t-shirt that she made in her 3 year old preschool class (that technically still might have fit her, but we decided to donate it to the cause).  And because she waited so much longer than the boys for hers to be done, she loves it so much more!  She actually said to me, "When I touch this quilt, I get a flash of the places I've been and the people I had fun with when I was wearing each thing."  Her sentiment made all the pressure of her standing over me as I worked totally worth it.  Honestly, if she hadn't been so insistent, it likely wouldn't have gotten done in the midst of all the other things I need to have been doing instead.  And it feels so good to mark that off of my year long must-do list.

Today we went to the going away party of one of the sweetest women I've ever had the pleasure of knowing.  Ruth's husband worked in Joe's office and was an unfortunate casualty of the recent change of management.  Happily, he's already found a new job in Florida and they have purchased a house!  An amazing couple like them will have no trouble at all adjusting to their new place.  It's those of us left behind that will have trouble getting on in their absence.  Ruth was my Bunco pal.  The only woman there to be super silly with me when we had the good fortune of sitting at the same table.  We'd sing to the dice, chant a mantra, we'd laugh so hard that we'd forget to keep count of our points.  It's just not going to be the same without her.  Before I left the party, I said, "I've gotta go.  Come let's get a picture."  To which she responded, "I'm going to see you again before I leave!"   I said, "I know, but we won't be wearing cowboy hats, so I'm getting the picture!"

Her whole quilting Bee came to the party and wore hats!  One woman even rented a costume!  They seemed like a really fun group of ladies.  Me?  I knew almost no one there!  The host was a dear friend of mine and one lovely friend from Joe's office came.  Other than that, I was on my own in a large group of quilting cowgirls!  It was quite a scene.  So glad we went!

Well, that's all buckaroos!  This may be all she wrote before our big vacation!  The house sitter is all set and we're ready to tackle adventure and old friends (yes, we are going to tackle them.  Seriously.  So if that's you, you just better watch out!) and we'll report back here with all the big fun in 2 weeks!  Until then!

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