September 29, 2011

Aztec, Maya, Inca Culture Club

Today was our first Culture Club meeting of the year!  Oh, how I've missed that one day a month where the kids get all dressed up and meet their friends who are all dressed up, we eat cultural food, and the moms hang out and chat while the kids go wild with play time. it.

This was our offering this month.  We had a Venn diagram about the 3 cultures we tried to sort out, each of the kids wrote an acrostic poem about one of them (for that I had the boys tell it to me, I wrote it down, and they traced the words and illustrated it), an Aztec village diorama, some batik symbols, soap sculptures, a tessellation, some other random art, and our food offering was corn tortillas filled with a mixture of corn, sweet potato, and avocado.  I'm never sure how much of what we bring to share actually gets shared because it is so hectic and chaotic trying to keep all 3 of them in the presentation. So this is what we brought.  I'm not sure how much of it we talked about.

 Hannah Jane and Hunter both painted some clothing to wear based on images in our book on Aztec art and clothing.  Haven decided he didn't want to paint his and as a result, he was a commoner and not of royal descent. 

The boys made a temple by painting boxes of various sizes with watered down glue and patting them down with corn meal.  I knew this would make a mess, but I underestimated the size of said mess.  MAJOR!  But it was worth it.  Hannah Jane made the backdrop for the temple with a burning neighboring village in the back that had just been raided.

This morning we put on our war paint and then I let the kids watch a documentary on the Aztec as a refresher while I got myself ready for the day.  The warrior in our book had a wide, straight up pony tail on his head and it was painted green so Hunter had to have a green spiky hair style.  As I gelled and painted his hair, the said, "Dad is not going to like this, mom.  But I like it a lot."  Haha!  I said dad wouldn't care so long as he looked all squeaky clean again by 5:30.  And he does, by the way. 

They always want a picture together with their favorite projects but today the boys were so busy embodying Aztec warrior spirits that I could hardly get a decent picture.  They kept hissing and clawing the air.  At one point they started throwing each other to the ground and instead of getting all mad like they normally would about being pushed, they got up and went at it some more.  It was a scary side of the boys I've never seen. 

So we decided to break it up into action warrior shots like these...

and this nice polite picture of Hannah Jane with her favorite projects and no hissing warrior boys.

While the other group was presenting on Egypt (and in the best costumes ever at Culture Club) a toddler ravaged our temple and sculptures, but I was secretly quite happy because where in the world do you keep all of this stuff?  Now I am free to trash it with no one crying about their hard work hitting the recycle bin.  If you've developed a solution to this problem, please do tell.  I hate to hoard their stuff, but I also hate seeming like the horrid mom who doesn't cherish any of her kids' projects.  I wonder if traditional schooling moms have the same problem or if teachers do that dirty work for them.  I remember when HJ was in preschool, I would fill manila envelopes with her art that came home from school and mail to grandparents.  She felt cherished, I got rid of the clutter, and the grandparents could recycle or cherish as they saw fit with no one pressuring them either way.  But a temple is hard to mail, so I was grateful for the wreckage.

I have no idea what we'll do next time.  Everyone else seemed to know already.  There will be Pocahontas and pirates and whatever we end up coming up with.  A friend of ours is from some sort of gypsy like sub culture from Iran called the Lore (I think that's how you spell it) that seem really interesting, so we'll either do that or whatever we're studying in history when that time rolls around (see how far ahead I've looked in our studies?  LOL!  Pathetic).

How about we wrap this post up with a little video of the boys throwing each other to the ground?  Normally I don't stand by and film this sort of behavior, but everyone was so happily in character and they don't normally beat the crud out of each other, so why not?  I'm sure our neighbors just love us bringing our home schooling weirdness out on to the lawn.    :)  Enjoy our violent outburst!



  1. Pictures are easy to keep, so you don't need all the stuff... it's there in pictures :)

  2. I have just been reading about Aztec human sacrifice Apparently the Aztecs were enthusiastic about that practice, depicting it in many images and stories. Hopefully your young priestesses do not sacrifice too many little brothers and sisters during home school time.


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