September 5, 2011

Mega Monster Art Part 1

I saw this uber cool art project in one of those family magazines in the pediatric dentist office (note to self: call and make an appointment for a cleaning) but kind of thought there was no way we'd ever actually do it.  For whatever reason, this was the week and we actually tackled the largest (in a physical sense) art project ever!  Yay us!

 We bought dollar store shower curtains and pinned them to our fence using pants hangers (because our clothes pins are MIA).  I filled a little plastic shoe box with kooshballs and water balloons, gave the kids the art bucket with the tempera paints and some paper plates for smearing the pain on and let them rip!

The mission was to roll your chosen ball/balloon in paint and then hurl it at the curtain to get a nice splooshy pattern to be used in part 2 of this project.  I really thought this would be the most fun they've ever had in art class, but I was sadly mistaken.

Hunter's no I won't show you my paint covered hands face

Hunter, who has developed a new fear of bees since he was stung for the 3rd time during our trip to Oregon, was so certain that a bee was going to attack him if he let loose and had fun that he cried and was miserable for all but about 5 minutes of this project.  I finally sent him in to put him out of his misery.

Haven LOVED it, but lacked the coordination to actually hit the world's largest target from a decent distance.  I was shocked because the boy can hit a tossed ball with a bat, but he can't hit a shower curtain with a ball from 4 feet away.  I'll file that away in thoughts on Phys. Ed. needs.  He refused to get closer to his target and this made for a very long, slightly irritating half hour.

Hannah Jane thought it rocked and stayed out in the pasture long past art time, hurling paint at the curtain, at the chickens, at the fence (don't worry Joe!  It's water soluble!!!)  and then tossing the koosh balls into the stream and running across the field to catch them at the bridge.  Needless to say, she got right to the reckless spirit of the project!  Whoo Hoo!!!

Tomorrow we will have a class on how to draw faces and then the kids will go in with a marker and turn all of their splat marks into monsters!  Cool! 

The only problem?  Where do you display 3 shower curtains worth of art?  In the barn, maybe?

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