September 7, 2011

Pumpkin Shirts ( a little early, but why not?)

Apparently only Hannah Jane can fake a smile while staring directly into the sun!

I saw this cute idea over on Crap I've Made (Isn't that a hilarious title?  I wish I'd thought of it first.  But then again, I do have a few friends who think that's a swear word and I guess they'd pretend not to know me if I had thought of it first.  Anyway, I love it!).  I knew instantly we had to make them.  Instantly.  I bought the shirts and the dye on our very next shopping trip.  Who cares that it was August?  These are totally cool!!!!

Well, it became too hard to wait so we made them today.  Yes.  It's only September 7th.  But who cares?  Department stores get to decorate early.  Why not us?  So we did it!  And they turned out so flippin' cute!!! 

I will admit that I made myself a shrug-like thingamajig (really?  Spell check accepted the word thingamajig?) in the orange dye bath, but I haven't finished it up yet and will not, I repeat will not be wearing it and going all matchy matchy with the kids.  Maybe deep down I want to, but homeschoolers already put up with enough crap (I know, Dave, I'm really sorry for using that word in my own blog but the shoe just fit) without me and the kids running around town in totally matching holiday gear.  I mean, that's only a small step away from an ugly knit Christmas sweater with flashing lights and argyle over a denim jumper and a spiral perm.  I won't go there.  Not even a step in that direction.  But, of course, if I just described you, I'm sure you totally rock that look and um, I hear it's coming back onto fashion. 

Off track...Okay, I'm back!  I don't actually need to type out a tutorial for this.  Right?  I mean it kind of speaks for itself.  Totally easy.  Orange dye, shirts, rubber bands and a sharpie.  Done.  So have at it!  And wear gloves, will ya?  I have the hands of an oompa loompa right now and now amount of soap is clearing up this affliction!

Happy very early Halloween!

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