September 24, 2011

Soap Science with a Little Pirate Invasion on the Side

I know.  It's been a while.  You thought I had been kidnapped, didn't you?  Well, I'm still here and this is going to be a LONG catch up post!  We went on a little trip, after which Hunter got violently ill with a stomach thing.  Then it was my birthday.  Then Haven got ill.  Then me.  Yes, I had a full day in bed, only bothering to move when I needed to check in with the porcelain gods.  Too much information?  Sorry.  Anyway, I've been checked out for a while with more pressing matters.  Here's a recap of the sunnier parts of our week!

There was an event called the Pirate Invasion of Willard Bay.  We drove about an hour to get there and it to say the least.

The claim was that there would be 3 crews trying to commandeer a main vessel, sword fights, mayhem.  But mostly there was one ship with a Jack sparrow impersonator (and thank goodness he was there, because it was really the only decent thing to do!) and some vendors wanting you to buy unrelated merchandise by which you could remember this very unimpressive day in your life.  I think they were a little late in planning the event and weren't able to secure enough actors.  Then there was the rain storm.  And well, it was pretty lame.  But the kids had a blast dressing up like pirates and playing on Jack's vessel.  The same guy was at Ren Fest, but we didn't get to play on his ship, so this was fun.

Haven looked like such a girl that day.  Even now that he's diaper free, he's got a round little rump and we never noticed this in jeans, but in tight black pants we could see how much he struts and swings his rear from side to side when he walks!  It was hilarious!  He's never seen so much as a Pirates commercial, but he's got the Captain Jack swagger naturally.  So funny!  So everyone told us that our daughters and son were adorable.  Hunter has never ever been the one assumed to be the boy in the group!  Even he was surprised.

The Sky from my birthday dinner! 

Monday was my birthday.  The day was a normal day until Joe came home.  After dinner we went to Elements and had an amazing appetizer and 3 different desserts (because we know how to eat out!) by the stream.  Soooo relaxing and fun.  Then - get ready for this -  Joe took me shoe shopping!  I'm not normally the kind of gal who likes shoe shopping.  In fact, I own maybe 4 pairs of shoes (a black, a brown, a red and flip flops) and don't really like having to match shoes with clothes.  I'm fashion challenged that way.  But Joe said, "I like the tall boot look.  We should get you some of those before they're out of style."  How often do you get a clue as to what styles your husband likes?  Never.  And when he asked what I wanted for my birthday, I was drawing a blank.  Asking for a new vacuum seems so...old...mature...and boring.  Not to mention that's what I asked for on my 29th birthday, so that wish had been used already.  So, we seized the moment and got me some boots that he thinks are cute!  Win for everyone!  Cute shoes for me and approving looks from my super hot patent agent!  LOL!

The rest of the week was, as I said, spent cleaning throw up and re-hydrating various members of the family.  Not worth talking about.  Until this morning.

 This morning, we did a science activity that the kids have been absolutely begging to do for about a month now.  I've put it off and put it off for two reasons.  I wanted to give our space studies our full attention until they were complete and I wanted to have some actual science to discuss behind the cool activity.  I really don't love when teachers create a really fascinating spectacle and call it science without actually discussing what causes the spectacle in scientific terms.  Did you ever experience that?  The chemistry teacher who blew up the pumpkin at Halloween every year but never mentioned the chemical process behind it?  You know what I'm talking about?  LOL!  We all had one!  So I wanted to take some time to make sure that this activity wasn't just dazzling, but thought provoking.

Since Joe never gets to do school with us, and he's a science guy, this seemed like a perfect opportunity.  I told the kids that they would have to fill out lab reports even though it was Saturday if they really wanted to do it and Hunter actually said, "Mom, I don't want to have to think.  I just want to see the soap explode!  You know that."  He sounded very disappointed in me.  Haha!  That kid!  But he consented to the lab report and we did it!

 We talked about Charles's Law, which states that gasses expand when heated.  Then we examined two bars of soap and made noted about their appearance, texture, weight, etc.

We floated them and the Ivory floated while the Zest bar sank.  The kids were boggled by this.  Haha!  We talked about why one might be floating and I eventually had to tell them the history of the Ivory soap manufacturing accident that led to it being the first ever floating soap.  You can read about it here.  Now that we understood that Ivory soap has more air in it than the other soap, we used Charles's Law to predict how each bar would behave if we heated it up in the microwave.

Joe was so worries that soap would super heat and explode bits of molten soap into the kids' eyes!  haha!  It doesn't matter how standard this science activity is and how much I've researched exactly what is going to happen.  He was a worried mess.  I'm going to start calling him safety Joe!

The Zest made a cool looking soap rock where we could still spot parts of its original form now hidden under a mound of bubbles that instantly hardened when it cooled.  It appears that it burst a couple of holes to let the inner stuff out.

This is the shrunken Ivory!  It was huge until we opened the door! 

The Ivory blew up into a big froth of soap which expanded to max capacity and evntually kept the turn table from turning because it was creating drag on the sides of the microwave.  The big cloud of soap instantly shrunk back down the second we opened the microwave.  The resulting flat fluff was luxuriously soft to the touch. 

The kids smooshed the ivory until we had soft, fluffy soap confetti. 

Joe, being the marketing guy that he is, instantly saw a potential product in each of the results!  Haha!  I have a feeling the kids are going to open an etsy shop and sell soap products.

Sooooo, that's the news from our place!  We're all feeling healthy and gearing up for a weekend camping trip to Bear Lake.  We'll be back on Monday with more fun barring any new stomach invasion!  Have a great weekend!

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  1. Oh, you're off to Bear Lake?? Have fun and see you Sunday!


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