October 18, 2011

Birthday Trip to Zion

My ridiculously brilliant, handsome, and charming husband turned the big 3_ (I'll leave it to your imagination) this weekend and to celebrate we hit the road and headed for Zion National Park.  Hannah Jane was scheduled to go to a girl scout sleep over, but decided it would be more fun to surprise her dad, who had wanted to go camping but put it out of his mind on account of the sleepover, with a big weekend trip.  She wanted to just get in the car like we were heading to girl scouts and then not stop until Zion, which sounded like a good plan until I realized that it was 6 hours away!!!  It's kind of hard to surprise someone when they have to take a half day off of work to get there before midnight.

So Joe took a half day on Friday and we trucked it down south to an enchanting campground called Sand Hollow State Park. There we set up camp on a red sandy beach.  It was too dark to see much Friday night.  We were lucky that we got our tent set up at all.  By the time we got back from our porta-potty visit, it was hard to see your hand in front of your face!

Saturday we headed in to Zion and took three nice hikes that were deemed kid friendly on the websites that I searched before our trip.  They were perfect hikes -short and mostly level- that the kids could easily handle.  We saw lizards, a real tarantula on a rock, a rainbow, lots of little waterfalls, and all sorts of natural wonders.

At the end of a fun day of hiking, we headed back to camp to enjoy our red sand beach for a few hours before nightfall.  The kids LOVE desert terrain and had a blast popping in and out between brush shrubs, tracking critters who left their prints behind, and playing velociraptor hunters.  They waded in the warm water and roasted dinner in the fire pit.

It was a great trip, and exactly what my now 30-something husband wanted.

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