October 9, 2011

Cow Girl Party for Hannah Jane

Hannah Jane turned 8 on Thursday and last night she had her party.  She hasn't had a party with friends since she turned 4!  Every year she's opted for a drive down to Northern California to party with family.  But this year her little heart desired a cowgirl party in our barn.  She planned it all herself on one of our momma-kiddo dates.

We ordered a whole cowgirl party in a box sort of deal from Oriental Trading (Traders?  I can never remember), and some custom cupcake toppers from an etsy shop.  The tailgate of Joe's pickup became our serving table and stereo system, blasting Tim McGraw music in the pasture, straw bales were set up for extra seating between our vintage style patio furniture, and lights were strung across the barn for a little extra atmosphere.

To make it a night to remember, I called a friend who does our tractor work for us and who always invites the kids over to ride his horse even though we never take him up on the offer, and asked if we could hire him to show up with his horse and give the kids a ride.

The guests arrived, decorated cowgirl hats, and just started to eat their pizza when Jacob showed up at the far end of the field.  Hannah Jane looked at me and said, "Moooom..."  I made sure to tell her that it was not her gift, but just to borrow for the night.  Jacob was amazing!  He wore his full cowboy gear and told the girls about horse safety, about the breed and how it looks different from other breeds, and a little about proper riding.  He even went out and bought bandannas for the kids and put them in his saddle bag!  How sweet is that?

I've never witnessed kids standing in line for so long so happily.  I heard them saying, "This is the best party!"  "It's because Hannah Jane lives on a farm.  Farm kids always have the best parties."  Haha!  That cracked me up and made me smile that the party was such a success!

After horse rides it was cupcakes, pinata, and presents.  When all the official party things were done, the girls begged for us to let the goats out for them to chase.  We only have one skiddish goat that won't let anyone near it.  I don't like for kids to chase our friendly goats because I suspect that would make them less friendly.  But the one that doesn't let us touch it anyway?  Well, they can chase that one all they want.  And chase it they did!  Squeals of delight rang out across the field as those kids chased that poor goat all over the place.  It was hilarious!

Everyone went home happy.  I think it's good for Little Miss to see other kids enjoy her odd little farm life.  Sometimes she gets grumpy about taking care of the goats or gathering eggs, but when she sees that all of her friends get really excited about finding an egg and beg to take it home or that they love the goats, I think she realizes how good she's got it.

Soo...Here's the video of the fun!!!  Enjoy!

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