October 3, 2011

d,b,p, and q tricks

Hunter has that super common problem of getting his p's, b's, d's, and q's mixed up.  Now that he's doing some basic spelling and reading, it feels like a bigger problem.  So I went on a hunt to find some proven methods for clearing things up for him.

I found all sorts of developmental specialist's sites with recommendations for kids with dyslexia or other learning issues and we've done every exercise I could find.  I'm not thinking he has a disability, but it seems like an activity that works for someone who does have one would certainly help someone who doesn't.  That's just my lay person opinion.  So we did every exercise known to kindergarten kind and NOTHING helped.  That is until we found the song.

On the site Teachers Pay Teachers (a fantastic site for free resources, by the way) I found a PDF with this cute little song that has really helped him out.  I have looked all through the site again to give you a direct link to the song, but for the life of me I can't find  where I downloaded it.  I feel terrible!  So, um...Karen Stamp is the teacher who posted this song for free download and I'll share the words with you here, sans cute graphics. 

The song is to the tune of the Farmer and the Dell and it goes like:

A bat and a ball, a bat and a ball, that is how we make a b, a bat and a ball.
A doorknob and a door, a doorknob and a door, that is how we make a d, a doorknob and a door.
A pickle and a pizza, a pickle and a pizza, that is how we make a p, a pickle and a pizza.

There's a verse for q too, but it doesn't work quite as well because the pictures aren't exactly shapely and they are somewhat unfamiliar to the general 5 year old.  But, if you want to use it anyway, it's a quail and a quill.  We're not using that one.

So the song works because it puts the stick and the ball portions of the letter in order for the child.  However, I found that it didn't help with knowing whether the letter was a b or a p, or if the ball was high or low.  My solution was brilliant, if I do say so myself!  haha!

I went to youtube and searched for pizza dough throwers!  Hunter had a blast watching professional pizza tossers and now he thinks of pizza as being something in the air, and a ball as being something that falls to the ground.  Not technically on target, but for our purposes it's working.  Our favorite pizza tosser was this guy, but I must admit I wouldn't want to eat a pizza when the dough had been rolled around on someone's shoulders and arms.  Ick!

so if you are having similar issues with those cursed stick and ball letters, give this a try and enjoy a little pizza tossing fun while you're at it!

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