October 24, 2011

Fall Fun!

We had such a fun fall weekend!  Friday we finally made it over to the North Logan Pumpkin Walk!  This is a free community event every year where different groups create scenes from movies, commercials, from whatever they want, and make them mostly out of pumpkins.  It's so much fun!  And at the end of the walk there are always a ton of face-in-the-hole things for the kids to do.  I was trying out my new camera, so I took more photos than are actually interesting and put them in a slideshow.  At the end of the slideshow are the pics of the kids with their faces in the holes (for family members who want to hold out that long.  Haha).

On Saturday we went to the American West Heritage Center for the Fall is Farmtastic celebration.  It was really awkward going back after volunteering, hating it, and gracefully backing out of our commitment.  But the volunteer situation was so lousy that I don't feel all that bad for quitting.  I suppose now we've learned the lesson that when you love a place, never try to work there because if it goes badly, your favorite hang out becomes an awkward place to be.

But luckily no one much recognized us out of our farm clothes (probably because they never actually spent any time with us while we stood around useless) and so we were able to go about our merry way and enjoy the festivities.  There was the hay jump. the giant slide, train rides and pony rides, and the giant corn maze!!!

We tested out my maze trick one more time to see if it really holds up and it does!  I have shared this with a few friends who get panicky in mazes because I feel like a silly maze becomes something empowering when you go in with a strategy.  The trick is that you place your hand on one wall and never lift it off.  Simple as that.  If you do that you will absolutely always come out the other end.  It may not be the most direct route, but you will absolutely not become the person going around in circles.  Joe is a whiz with the map, and I had my trick, so we teamed up and followed the left hand wall all the way through as he used the map to see dead ends and where we could jump our hand over at an intersection to where it would have been had we drug it on the left wall all the way through the dead end and back.  It was so much fun!  We finished the 7 acre maze in 23 minutes.  Joe said we would do it in 20, so of course Haven cried when we went 3 minutes over.  Haha! 

At 7, the Haunted Hollow opens up for the kid friendly, family time.  That just means that the haunted people aren't allowed to chase you and are supposed to either stay at a safe distance from kids, or talk to them in a really friendly voice despite their horrifying appearance.  This is such a great thing because it really helps the kids realize that even the scariest of sights are just people like us all dressed up.  I held Hunter, who was the most fearful, the entire way through.  Once we came to a man with a real snake and suddenly Hunter wasn't scared at all.  He just wanted to look at the snake.  He even touched it.  Once we passed snake man, he was right back to fearful.  Interesting how a snake- which scares the pants off of me - calms him right down.  He wants a snake of his own so much!

On Sunday we finally got around to carving up those pumpkins that have been sitting on our front step for weeks!  We had a nice pumpkin yield from the garden this year, but they were all smallish even though we chose the "Giant Pumpkin" seeds.  Bummer.  But still fun.  No one wanted to touch the pumpkin guts, which astonishes me because sometimes I feel like I have the dirtiest, most grime covered kids on earth, and suddenly they are concerned about getting their hands dirty when it's pumpkin carving time???  I don't get it.  But after much whining and poking around, they finally all dug in.

I saw a tutorial that's all over the web for using a mallet and metal cookie cutters to carve pumpkins and decided to give it a go.  You know about my cookie cutter problem.  Addiction really.  So it was the logical next step in our fall decor.  It went...um...fine.  I guess.

Haven, who loves to whack things, loved it.  But he loved it a little too much and it split his pumpkin in half around the middle.  I put it back together with toothpicks and he made a quick recovery.

  Hannah Jane, I decided, is old enough to do her own thing with a knife this year.  Yeah, I know.  But she's pretty careful and responsible.  I still watched over her like a hawk, which she found most insulting.  Her pumpkin turned out adorably.

Hunter wanted to try the mallet thing with a plastic cookie cutter.  I explained that it would break the cutter, but he insisted that it wouldn't.  Since he wanted to use a shape that I have duplicates of, I let him do it anyway because how often do your kids get to prove you right?  You know?  I'm always explaining what will happen and thus saying no, but Hunter goes on with life assuming that had I let him do it his way it would have gone just as he imagined and I'm simply trying to ruin his life by interfering all the time.  So rarely does he get to see that mom actually does know what she's talking about.  He used it.  It broke.  He shrugged and decided to color it all over with a sharpie instead.  I didn't get the whole, "Mom,  you were right!  What do you know?  I'll listen to you from now on!" thing that I dream about.  But I know deep down he whispered it in his heart and that's all I need.  Har har har!

I will say that the nice clean cuts with the cutter were refreshing and cute.  But it mangles the cutter a bit because the pumpkin is round and the cutter is flat, so the cutter has to bend to get a bite into the pumpkin shell.  Sure, you can bend it back rather easily.  But I have a few prized cutters that I use all the time for pie crusts and pot pies and it wasn't really worth the damage.  So, it was fun to try once, but it's not going to be our new cutting method.

So for all you fellow Pinterest addicts out there who have had this on your board and have been feeling guilty about spending so much time pinning that you never actually got around to hammering a cookie cutter into a pumpkin, let me relieve you of your guilt and tell you that I've done it for us all and it's not all it's cracked up to be.  It would kill those darling vintage cutters that you bought on etsy and then to add insult to injury, it would smash your pumpkin to bits leaving your children crying and your Halloween cheer forever vanquished.  So really it's better that you spent your time pinning instead :)

Happy fall!

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