October 7, 2011

Making Gummies!

I'm not sure which subject we'll file this away under.  Home economics (making your own gummies saves money!  Well, actually it doesn't)?  Job skills training (for a food processing factory)?  Culinary Chemistry (but we really have no idea what chemical concoction we just messed with)?  Edible art?  Okay, maybe we can't get away with calling gummy making anything but fun, but us home schoolers are always trying.

A while back I bought a gummy making kit off the clearance isle of that store everyone pretends they don't shop in for about 7 bucks.  I waited for a month for it to come down to 5, but they knew me.  They surveilled me circling that kit every week like a bird of prey waiting for the wounded animal to die already and they knew I'd eventually cave.  And I did.  It was the last kit and I hadn't watched it for so long to not make gummies with my kiddos!

For weeks it has been beside my bed, in that corner where I shove things when company is coming and I only have time to hide things rather than actually put them away.  Periodically the kids would step on it and hurt their foot as they crawled into my bed in the mornings and then ask, "Are we ever going to make gummies?" 

Today I wrapped up my fall cleaning (which included wiping the remaining pine needles out of the windowsill from last year's Christmas tree and moving all of the furniture to get to the baseboard that no one ever sees) and I no longer had an excuse for putting it off.  The only thing not put away was that kit and the only way to get it out of the floor was to make some gummies!

 It was pretty straight forward.  Fill the bottles to the line with warm water, add packet of mix and shake.  Squirt.  Wait.  Eat.  The hardest part was the waiting. 

I take that back.  The hardest part was removing them from the molds.  Of course, now that I go back and look at the package, it suggests spraying the mold with cooking spray before using, but of course it doesn't mention that in the directions.  It's an afterthought down below the listed ingredients, as if people read the ingredients before proceeding to follow the directions. 

But they all made it out of the mold in one piece despite the lack of spray.  A whole plate of adorable little Toy Story gummy treats to enjoy!  They weren't bad, but they weren't exactly gummies either.  They were a little grainy like undissolved jello.  But still fun and the kids didn't mind the taste since they will basically overlook any flaw that's covered in enough sugar.  I think we'll keep the molds and use them to make cute jello jigglers when the inevitable Toy Story 20 comes out.  

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