October 20, 2011

Home Field Advantage

Home Field Advantage

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It's finally here!  Can you believe it?  I can't!  Home Field Advantage is the product of my desire for there to be a book for homeschoolers to turn to that doesn't try to sell them on a method, but instead gives them an overview of their choices and the tools to decide for themselves without all of the noise and hype.

As friends and readers frequently asked me about what we do at home, what I did in the public schools, and what I thought they should be doing at home, I looked for the perfect, balanced book to recommend.  When I couldn't find one, I decided to write it.

At first I just made a little compilation of my responses to individuals' questions.  Then, over time, I found myself with chapters.  And then more chapters.  And then, on a whim one night, I thought hey,  why not pitch this to a publisher?  It wasn't long before I had a contract and my little book baby was getting polished up like a shiny apple by my editor.  My, how far it has come in the last year.

Now, what I have to offer you in Home Field Advantage is a well organized overview of the major methods of education that homeschoolers tend toward, information about theories on learning, and my take on how to look at your family, look at your options, and make a plan that will fit your unique family needs.  Sprinkled in with all of that are interviews and observations with homeschooling families from all walks of life, using a variety of methods, as well as worksheets to help parents clarify their personal goals and take the first steps on their homeschooling adventure.

So, if you're new to homeschooling, if you're just considering it, or if you've been at it a while but just haven't found your groove, Home Field Advantage was written with you in mind.


"I think any new homeschool family should have Home Field Advantage when they begin their journey. But why wait for when school starts? Give this book as a baby gift and get the family off to the right start!"
- Gena Jones, parent

"As a mother of soon-to-be school-age children, I find Home Field Advantage to be just the resource I'll need to inform my homeschooling decisions. After reading it, I feel much more knowledgeable about the most common teaching methods and how to choose the methods that will work best for my family. I am confident that with the help of the resources in this book, I will be able to make a great homeschooling plan and adapt it as needed. I am looking forward to the journey ahead."
- Eva Mayfield, parent

"I am definitely adding Home Field Advantage to my reference books for homeschooling my four children. Not only does the book give me more tools to craft a better education for my kids and makes implementation so doable, but reading it has also deepened and enriched my understanding of my children! It's so refreshing to get the Cliff Notes on education methods and philosophies from an expert who isn't selling any one of them! Why hasn't such a useful tool for parents come along before?! If you have ever hesitated to homeschool and to take education out of the hands of the trained experts, here is one book saying you can! After reading it, you'll be certain the education experts shouldn't be the only ones having all the fun with your kids!"
- Steffanie Casperson, parent

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  1. Yay congrats! Very excited to see the new tab and get some more info - and I cannot WAIT to get your book and recommend it to all my friends! Hooray for you! :-)


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