November 27, 2011

Day of the Covenant!

We hosted the Day of the Covenant at our place again this year.  It's funny, every year I've been a Baha'i I've played hostess for that holy day.  A dear friend, Vida, invited me and another new Baha'i to co-host with her right after I declared and she wrote a little skit for us to do in which we learned about the history of the day and its significance.  It was her way of helping us feel a part of the community and I felt so privileged to be invited to host something under the wing of the fabulous Vida!  I think it got me off on the right foot for hosting Baha'i events just before we shipped off for a new community. 

Since we've lived in our current community I've reused the skit that Vida wrote, changing the names for friends here in town.  I still have my original copy with her notes in the margins and it is quite dear to my heart.  I remember making a banner for the day back in Eugene and displaying it proudly on the wall in the Baha'i center.  When we've gone back for visits, kind friends have mentioned how it stayed up after I moved away and makes a reappearance every now and again.  Last year I invited a young woman in our community to make a banner with me for the Day of the Covenant.  This year she is the one who has moved away and when guests arrived for the occasion, the banner caused several of them to comment on Liz and her creativity, and those who never met Liz had a chance to hear her name. 

Joe and Kim go head to head as the first contestants in Day of the Covenant Trivia!

This year I let go of the skit  - my Day of the Covenant security blanket - and made a Day of the Covenant trivia game.  I brought out a bell on a folding table and we divided into teams, Family Feud Style, to compete for a chance to answer the questions.  When I first mentioned at Feast that I was planning a trivia game, one friend said that he loved the idea because he would know all the right answers.  In his honor, I dug deep for some really obscure Day of the Covenant fun facts and each time his turn came up, I asked if he wanted a challenge!  LOL!  He enjoyed being had with questions he had never heard before.  The young woman he went face to face with is quite a scholar as well, so it seemed fair :)  We got a little rowdy as Joe tried to slide the bell closer to himself than his opponent, Kim.  And a few times we couldn't agree as to whether a half answer was worth credit and in the end, we stopped keeping score and just laughed like hyenas. 
Tom and Christine in the scholar round!
Somehow, the post game conversation turned gross and we ended up sitting around for an hour or so talking about horrific accidents, throwing up, and all manner of other gross out topics.  I laughed so hard that my face felt hot for a long time after everyone left.  It was nice to relax and spend time having fun as a group, being friends and not just Baha'is that live in the same town.  Sometimes we get in a rut of mega serious gatherings and that makes these random evenings when we get a little loud with a race to list the other titles of Abdul Baha before having a hearty laugh about that time my dad cut off his pinky finger in the greenhouse door feel like something special.  ( I know, Dad.  Not funny.  But how many people can say they actually carried their dad's finger in a tupperware full of ice?  Not many!)

Mother vs. daughter in the final round! 

Oh, and if we're face book friends or if you're on the Baha'i homeschooler's forum, you listened to me whine and worry about cupcake toppers for the occasion and maybe gave some advice.  It was interesting how DIFFERENT the feedback was from those two groups!  Facebook Baha'is were so supportive and said, "Go for it!It's artistic!" while the home schooling Baha'is said, "Whoa Nelly!  Maybe you better rethink your plans!"  Home schoolers, as a rule, tend to be a little more cautious about the nuances of dignified conduct whereas most of my facebook Baha'i peeps reside somewhere in the great state of Oregon and tend to be on the artistic and liberal leaning side of life (I know.  Shocking!) so the difference shouldn't have surprised me one bit. In the end, I couldn't shake my own inclination to over think and glimpse into a possible future moment where some life-long Baha'i would take one look at the paper flowers sticking out of my cupcakes and say, "You know that in the 1982 Ridvan Message, the Universal House of Justice specifically ruled against writing anything remotely holy on anything that would ever touch a food product,"  or something obscure along those lines (That was NOT in the 1982 Ridvan Message, by the way.  I think.  Maybe I better check)!  I know that no one would ever say that out loud, but I have an inner perfectionist who fears being the fool, most especially in a room full of people who are too kind to ever tell you that you've made a fool of yourself.  LOL!  So, in the end, I went with 12 identical flowers that simply stated the occasion. 

So, that was our fun evening!  We had Thanksgiving leftovers, a make your own sushi station, fancy cupcakes, games, and laughs!  It was a fun evening and I think we all went home (or stayed home, in my case) a little lighter of heart. 


  1. Love this post - sounds like a great and artful celebration!!! What is the basis of the skit anyway, just out of interest??? If you have a copy of your triva game I'd love to get a hold of that as well ;-) LOVE LOVE LOVE the cupcake dilemma (were you planning on writing quotations or something?), sounds like something I'd agonize over as well. In fact I put pictures of Baha'u'llah's Houses on our dinner table for His birthday a few weeks ago and my husband and I had a hearty discussion over that... I dont think I'd do it when my kids are a bit older (or for a community event) but it did allow us an opportunity to talk about each of the places briefly with Zorion while eating, which probably wouldnt have happened otherwise.

  2. This came to me as an e-mail, so I responded to your inbox. That's never happened before! Let me knoe if you didn't get it!

  3. I didnt get it, weird! Just came back to see what yall were up to then thought I'd check this post to see if you'd responded ;-) I will email you in case you dont see this...


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