November 8, 2011

We're back from Disney Land!!

Hello, friends!  Miss me?  We just got back from a 3 day  family trip to Disney Land!  Joe's grandfather passed away a few months ago and with her inheritance money, Joe's mom wanted the entire family to spend a few days together in the happiest place on earth.  It really never happens that Joe's brother's family and our family are all together in the same place at the same time so it was a super special weekend!

We spent a night over in LasVegas on the way down.  We took the kids around the strip to see the Bellagio fountains, the MGM lions, the volcano at whatever casino that is in front of, and the pirate show at Treasure Island.  Joe and I only took them to things we had been to before so that we knew they would be appropriate, but it turns out that Treasure Island has really sexed up their street side show and I could have just died that we were there with kids.  Luckily we were on the side facing the ship with the men on it, who behaved much more properly and pirate like than the women.  When the kids' eyes were drawn to the other side, we excitedly pointed out something else so they wouldn't see all the sin and debauchery.  I was mortified and we couldn't get away because we had gotten there early so the kids would get good seats and be able to see all the swashbuckling action and crowds filled in around us.  It was really unfortunate.  But we made it through with what I assume was minimal psychological damage to the children and a ton of mother guilt for me!

Disney and California Adventures were awesome!  There were several new rides since we were there last, and several that we were only just now tall enough to ride as a family.  Hunter was much more brave this round, and didn't cry at the mere suggestion of riding Snow White :)  Last time he thought Disney was the most terrifying place on earth.  This time he reveled in the big roller coasters  and his new found bravery.  He was like a different boy!  Haven still wasn't tall enough to ride a few things, but old enough this time to realize he was being left out.  This resulted in me having to endure some pretty stomach turning little kid rides to appease him while the others went on the bog time rides.  Ick!

The shows were spectacular and I'm totally not a show person.  Last time we missed the Aladin show in California Adventures, but I knew HJ wanted to see it so I brought it up over and over until the crew realized that I wanted her to get to see it this time.  Turns out that everyone LOVED it!  You really have to catch it if you're ever there.  I can't describe the cool sets and extras that are in that show.  Simply magical!  And we got to see the new World of Color show as well, which is the most breathtaking combinations of technology and art that I've ever seen.  Simply fantastic!  So, the shows were a hit this round!

Overall it was a fantastic trip for our side of the family.  My sister in law got food poisoning the last day and spent the afternoon and evening throwing up in her hotel room.  So we missed the good company of that side of the family for most of the last day.

Enough jabbering.  Here's the slideshow!  All those people you've never seen before are our family members from Joe's side of the family and they made this trip oh, so special!

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