December 30, 2011

We interrupt this blog for...

LIFE!  Joe has had the week off and we've been wallowing in family time.  Just wanted you (and by you, I mostly mean my dad.  LOL!) to know I haven't died in a car crash!  In times of sparse phone calls, this is how he determines I'm still alive :)  And as soon as this charming husband of mine goes back to work and the all day every day party is over (meaning Monday), I'll be back with lots of holiday photos and fun to share.  Hugs to my readers (and Daddy)! 


  1. HAHAHAHA this gave me a good laugh. I wish my parents would check my blog... I always have to remind them and then I can tell by stats that they havent. So I finally took off my stat reader so I cant tell and dont worry about who is not reading lol. Glad to see you had such a wonderful holiday :-)

  2. Hahaha! My stat reader is where I silently look for proof when my mom says she still reads my blog! It's like magic mom... I really CAN tell who's been here! LOL! You're a much kinder daughter than I am, apparently! You dissolve the hard facts and I hang on to them as evidence! Haha!


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