December 5, 2011

Yes...Another Shriners Trip

Hannah Jane's prosthetic broke last Wednesday night - thankfully AFTER her choir show - and I've been carrying her on my back every place we go ever since.  Finally today we were able to get in to Shriners for a fix-it appointment.  I have to say that our new prosthetician, Eric, is just about the nicest, most thorough guy we've ever worked with at a Shriners (and we've had quite a few)!  He doesn't mind repairs, he doesn't want us to wait until she's in pain before he starts a new one, he is liberal with the socks (some prostheticians have expected her to live on 4 socks for a year!  Can you even imagine?!?!), and he puts in the work to make the most perfect and functional prosthetics we've ever seen!  I stayed up late last night making some holiday goodies (fantastic how to here!) for the staff and Hannah Jane passed them out while Eric got going on her foot repairs.  He got it fixed in record time and we were off for our last visit to Tree House Museum before our membership expires!

As we drove to Tree House I explained that this would be our last visit for a few years because our membership expires at Christmas and we want to give them time to get some new exhibits before we go back.  Well, wouldn't you know that today they actually had new exhibits?  Hooray for us!

There was a Chagall for Children exhibit and at each station, they could listen to an audio presentation on the piece in front of them and then recreate it in their own way right beside the print.  There were stations with weaving, stain glass window design, and collage work.  It was fantastic!

The name Chagall makes me think of Shigellah and the outbreak my elementary school had, which they handled by lining up the entire school to get a rectal swab from the school nurse.  Unless, of course, you were one of the lucky few to have already contracted a confirmed case, in which case your privates could remain private and you'd get a few weeks out of school.  Come on DA kids.  I know you remember the trauma!  A Chagall exhibit will never be the same after you have a brush with the Shigellah swab!  LOL!

The other new little detail that they added was a life size cutout of Obama which now resides in the Oval Office.  Today, near the end of his first term, there Obama appeared.  It makes me wonder if there is a reason he appeared when he did.  I've been surprised to hear local friends expressing discomfort with the idea of one of their own being president.  They say things like, "You'll understand when a Baha'i runs for office.  Everyone will be watching him and judging your religion based on what he does."  It almost sounds like they wouldn't want it to happen.  I always explain that a Baha'i wouldn't likely run for office in the US because they wouldn't be able to win without participating in backbiting partisan politics and so I won't have to worry about that particular problem.  Anyway, it seemed an odd time for Obama to suddenly appear in the Oval Office of a seriously red state, but we had fun with him, whispering into his ear what we think he should do, and guiding him through an invasion of a Little Tyke Town.  Funny stuff!

On the way home we stopped at a taco stand in Ogden for tamales!  What a treat!  The kids are in love with the idea of eating food made on a truck.  It was the most exciting part of the day for Haven!  I have to wonder, though, how in the world they can sell tamales for a buck and still make a living!  I can't make them that cheap at home, and mine would never in a million years be as good.  We happily filled the tip jar as a thank you and sat in the van, silently stuffing our cold cheeks with warm tamales!  Soooooo  good!

That's all the adventure we could squeeze into one day!  And it was certainly enough!

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