January 6, 2012

School Pictures (sort of) and Reading Nooks

I'm finding it impossible to get fully back in gear after the holidays.  I don't know what it is!  I've never felt so stuck and sluggish with regards to routine daily tasks.  I'm operating at about 80% on housework and school work.  I tell myself that since we are generally type-A overachievers in the school work department, we're fine at 80%.  But in the housework department I really don't have any ground to lose!

When I did try to buckle down and clean up the playroom a bit, I had an unfortunate interaction with the toy box.   If you're my fb friend, you know that my initial reaction to getting walloped on the eyebrow with the toy box lid was to freak out!  I cried like a baby, which made Haven cry.  Then I brushed myself off to get back to work when I saw blood drip on to my hand.  I turned to Hunter, with tears still in my eyes, and asked, "Am I bleeding?  Is my eye actually  bleeding?"  Being a very serious guy, he calmly said, "Mom.  Your eye is not bleeding."  I sighed of relief and confusion about the blood before he said, "but your eyeBROW is bleeding a lot."  Then I headed for the mirror.  It was all swollen and instantly a different color and there was a fair amount of blood.  I called to see if I needed stitches, thinking that there simply isn't much flesh to tear through on that part of the face, and then decided after talking to the nurse to try and hold it closed with a band-aid so it would have a chance to heal pretty.  By the time Joe got home for dinner, I took off the band-aid to take a peek at the horror and, to my embarrassment, it wasn't at all bad.  Practically a scrape with some bruising on all sides.  All that fuss for nothing.  But I maintain that when it was swollen, that itty bitty cut looked like a gash.  It still hurts too much to cover with make-up, so I still feel a bit like a battered woman when I go out, but it only hurts when I touch it and my ego is what is most bruised after having freaked out over what ended up being almost nothing.  Ha! 

I have done a few oddball things on my to-do list, though, and I'm going to cling to those as if they were major accomplishment!  I took the kids out for their first ever "Me In January" photo.  I saw this on Pinterest and had to do a modified version for us home schooly types who have no definite first and last days of grades or school years.  Hannah Jane has some 2nd grade classes and some 4th grade classes so she's always a little glazed over when people ask her what grade she's in.  I've set Hunter up for the same problem, as today he formally enrolled in online public school part time and the grade levels for his classes are all over the place.  So instead of first day of school photos (which we do sort of take in a photo booth at the mall in June!) we decided to go with "Me in January!"  I mean, you can never have enough annual, "look at me and how much I've changed" photos can you?  So now we've got strips in June and specs in January!  I won't bore you with all of them, but here's Haven's just so you can see how adorable they layout is!

Behold his first picture in 2 YEARS!!!  without a scab on his face!  I'm so happy!!!

I made 4X6's of these to send to family in the kids' thank-you cards from Christmas.  Yeah, those still need to go out in the mail!  I'm so good at having the kids make them, but I'm terrible about actually putting them in the mail.  I actually found a sealed envelope addressed to their god parents from I don't know when, set it out to put in the mail after writing a little note on the back that said something like, "I have no idea what this is or when it was from, but I'm finally putting it in the mail!"  Then you know what?  I lost it again before I could mail it.  Over the course of 2 years, that envelope has shown up, had apology notes added to the back, and lost again several times!  So, um...sorry Taylors.  When it turns up again, I promise to give it my all.  I mean, what's so hard about putting an envelope in the mail box, anyway?  I think there has to be some sort of diagnosis associated with my utter inability to put things in the mail box.  Internet bill pay has changed my life!

Also among my accomplishments for the week, I got the school room organized (mostly), creating a workspace for myself in the closet and making another reading nook for the kids.  Why is it that kids love a small hiding space in which to read?  I don't get it, but I remember loving it when I was a kid too.  We had an extra camo curtain panel hanging around from when Hunter had his own safari themed bedroom so I pinned it up above the closet door (which is now stuck open on account of my workspace) and let it hang over a set of drawers to create a little tent-like hideaway.  I didn't even mention it to the kids, but after a day or so of it being there, when it was reading time they just naturally crawled in with a pillow.  

I think the key to increasing America's literacy is to just create more small reading nooks.  If you nook it, readers will come.  This is my plan for the future of educations.  We'll call it, "Just nook it!" 

Sadly, that is absolutely all I got done this week!  So sad.  But hey, it's a step up from what I did the week before, so it's progress!  Have a fantastical weekend!

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