January 12, 2012

Look at me causing alarm with my listening skills!

My dear friend Gail just called me.  She had a very serious tone, which she often does, so I didn't worry too much.  But then she said, "Skyla, I would like to drop by tomorrow to pick up my potholders and to chat for a few moments."  Okay...scheduling chat time in a serious voice concerned me.  I'm thinking, Oh, dear!  She has cancer.  Someone has cancer, or has died, or she's moving.  Something big! and terrible!!!  Of course I couldn't wait for tomorrow.  "What's going on, Gail?" 

She goes on to say that she and her husband would like to send Joe and I to Hamilton's (a very nice Steakhouse here in town) and watch the kids for us.  Okay..."Well, that's very nice, but why?"  Still sounding very serious, she says, "Skyla, your stress is tangible.  I can just feel your tension.  During our interfaith meeting the other night, you were so quiet.  You are our leader, Skyla.  You are peppy and wise and you guide our discussion with confidence.  You are simply not quiet.  But then you were.  And it concerns me deeply.  I can only imagine the stress you are under for you to be so reserved."

That's my dear friend Gail in the pink scarf! 

Ba-ha-ha-ha!  Seriously, I laughed out loud!  "Gail, I'm not stressed at all!  It was one of my resolutions for the new year to be a better listener, and I simply can't listen if I'm always flapping my jaws!  You guys at the interfaith are some of the people I want most to listen to and learn from!  I wasn't stressed, I was absorbing YOUR wisdom because you have so much to share!  And it was your night to lead discussion, so of course I was going to back off a little!  You are our meditation guru, and I stink at meditation so I wanted to listen and learn some things that I could incorporate into my own failing attempts at meditation." 

I've never heard Gail experience such audible relief!  What a great friend she is that she would worry over my quietness.  I feel really blessed to have a friend like that, but also really terrible for worrying her.  She is the kind who will worry so efficiently over a friend that I can only imagine how long she must have sat there and schemed over how she was going to help me relieve my tension and get me all loud again.  I can also imagine Ned, her sweet husband (and Joe's former boss) having to listen to her stress.  "Dear, we should send them to dinner!  We should watch the kids for them!  They need this, Ned.  I can just feel it."  Ha!  Poor Ned!  Asked to watch 3 rowdy kids in his art gallery of a home!  What amazing friends they are!

Finally I said, "About tomorrow, we have plans in the afternoon, but you can come by in the morning if you want."  She laughed.  "No need.  If you're just a better listener, then everything is settled!"  "You mean you don't have a potholder emergency and that was all a schemed to get me perked up?"  It was.  Sweet woman!  I just love her to pieces!

And just to show you how stressed I was at the interfaith dinner, this is a picture taken by Haven with Gail's camera of me doing my best fish face before we started our group meditation.  Don't I just look all full of tension?  Or is my wisdom and leadership showing through?  LOL!  I can't believe I'm actually publishing that picture!  There are almost no pictures of me on this blog and that's the one I'm going to go with?  Well, enjoy it because it's the only horrid picture of me you're ever going to see here.  To compensate, I'm going to have to dig out pictures from my Jr. High trip to Glamor Shots!

It's so great to have these amazing people in our lives!  That whole interfaith bunch are just dear, lovely souls!  And someday I'm sure their wisdom will rub off on me and I'll finally get the hang of this whole meditation thing.  Next month's topic?  Spiritual solutions to material problems.  Should be good!  With lot's of opportunities for fish faces!


  1. You really ARE a friend. I would have told Gail this AFTER dinner.

  2. Hahaha! you stinker! I just got the gift card in the mail this morning because she IS a friend and really CANNOT eat most normal foods anymore. So sad for her. Lucky for me!

  3. Hahaha! you stinker! I just got the gift card in the mail this morning because she IS a friend and really CANNOT eat most normal foods anymore. So sad for her. Lucky for me!


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