January 2, 2012

the Manifesto

 The word MANIFESTO seems to be following me around this week.  I find myself saying it in some weird accent.  Manifeeeeestoooo... imagine it maybe with an Italian lilt.  That's how I hear it in my head.  Anyway, the word has been following me around like a lost puppy.  It's everywhere.  And I kind of like it.  It's a proud word, puffed up and all self-important.  And while we, as individuals, are never supposed to be puffed up and self important, I can very much appreciate a word that carries with it such an attitude.  An attitude that I, myself, could never get away with flaunting like the word manifesto does when it scrawls itself in ink across a page.  Manifeeeeestooooo... 

At Feast on Saturday a friend shared this crazy, radical video called the Way Seer Manifesto, which is apparently some kind of movement some guy is starting, which you can join for a mere 9 bucks (as if any real movement ever had an enrollment fee!  LOL!)  I get that it's some oddball money making scheme, but the video itself, the manifesto as it were, it really striking. Okay, well a lot of it makes me cringe because I love rules (don't judge me) and I'm not a fan of drug use or celebrity imagery.  That said, this video has its moments.  Don't watch it with your kids, though.  

I hate to hitch my cart to the craziest mule in the group, and as I said, I'm not in any way a follwer of this "movement," but there are some lines in this thing (between the ones that make me cringe) that make me want to shout, "YES!" 

The idea of how vastly we are over-medicating ourselves grabs me!  I often wonder how many of the great visionaries that we teach our children to revere, the philosophers, the scientists, the artists, the people who challenged popular ways of thinking, who risked their very lives to expose truth and beauty, would be taking a pill to blur all of that passion if they lived in today's society.  I'm just wondering out loud here.  I'm not making a statement against medication, so don't misunderstand.  I'm just pondering the idea of over-medication.

The part about "They can’t tell you why or how they arrived at the right answer. They just know it in their core. They can’t show their work. So don’t ask. Their minds simply resonate with the Way, " is awesome! I can relate that to so many things in life!  But then you'd be bored and stop reading, so I'll let you relate it to whatever you want.  It's just plain awesomeness!

At the end of the day, I'm trying not to be alarmed by how many videos that overlay inspiring words with random scenes from the Wall have attracted me lately.  If you're interested, there's an fabulous speech from a Charlie Chaplain movie dubbed over similar imagery!  It's pretty stinking cool, but doesn't contain the word MANIFESTO so it's not going to get air time today!  LOL!

Back to the topic at hand, I was browsing the very addictive Pinterest and saw this cute print up of a woman's New Year's Resolutions.  She claims that her list was so long that it was not longer a list and required to be in a MANIFESTO!  It was adorable!

That post led me to the Holstee Manifesto, which is all at once endearing and somewhat horrible advice.  Yes, if you don't have enough time, stop watching TV.  Yes, do things that you love!  But if you don't like your job, don't just quit it!  That was clearly written by some single person with no one else depending on them to put food on the table!  And life isn't simple!  If people keep making inspiring posters to convince people that life is simple, we'll have an entire generation of bewildered and disappointed people running around mumbling, "But life is supposed to be simple."  It isn't.  It's complicated an beautiful and don't you forget it! *NOTE* None of that crabby reality junk made its way into my personal manifesto!  I'm keeping it happy.  And keeping it REAL!

And since MANIFESTO is the word of the week (and to think it's only Tuesday!) I decided I should take a stab at my own graphic manifesto, copied almost directly from the chick on top, whose work I LOVE!  I stole a couple of her words directly and added a few of my own.  Don't worry...her blog gives you permission to completely rip her off and she'll even give you tips on how to do it if you click on that link up there!  But I'm a colorful person (if I may for a second be all puffed up like the word Manifesto!) and so black and white just wouldn't do.  And nothing self centered like quitting a job to travel made it into my manifesto.  No.  Simple, everyday resolutions for a better year.  And I already made real progress on these!  After I printed it out on photo paper and hung it in the dining room, I lovingly said no to a favor that I really didn't have time to do, I danced with some perky girl on a dvd (sadly, that's my workout for the day!), cleaned out the van (still need to vacuum) and I chose to eat herb crusted fish instead of the macaroni and peas I served to the children!  How's that for progress?  One day down...360 something days to go (I got started a day late on this whole manifesto thingy)!

Happy January, friends!  What's on your manifesto?


  1. can you guess which part of your manifesto worries me?

  2. No. I really can't. There is nothing on there that should worry anyone.

  3. LOVE this. I think I will have to do this next year. :-)


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