February 6, 2012

Card Making Day!

We finally sat down after a ton of errands today and made our Valentines cards for family members!  I showed the kids some ideas on Pinterest and they really liked one with fingerprint deer.  You can find the original here, and you should check it out because it's way cuter than ours turned out.  That's what happens when real life kids make the projects!  They get a little, how shall I say it?  More charming and real.

We got out our blank cards, stamps, brads, and all things pink and red and got to work.  Hannah Jane's finger was the body and Haven's was the head.  I went back in and added antlers and the kids did the stamps and hearts. 

Hannah Jane wanted to make some for her friends on the street, and for some reason (maybe because she doesn't like to get her own fingers dirty) she used Haven's fingerprints to make heart shaped love bugs.  It looks more like she's pinned him in a wrestling match than card making, doesn't it?

While she added the finishing touches to her personal cards, Haven added decorative brads and stickers to the family cards.  He's a pretty good card helper!

Hunter wouldn't participate with anything more than just signing his name.  He has a way of making you grateful even for minimum participation sometimes.  But he did a great job with his name!

Hannah Jane wrote in all of the content and signed her name.  I cracked up because she actually misspelled her own name in one card!  She was so embarrassed and just kept saying, "I was in a hurry, Mom!  Madison's bus is due any second and I want to get this done!"

We wrapped them up with a cute little cupcake stamp on the back and tomorrow they're off to their new homes!  Making cards is just so much more fun than buying them!

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