February 4, 2012

Completely Frivolous Ayyam-i-Ha Cupcake Toppers

I have had a lot of people inquire about my Ayyam-i-Ha lapbook files this week and I am sad to report that they were on my old laptop and didn't get posted in the cyber world before it crashed and burned.  Total bummer.  I do plan to make another set of files, but while you wait, I thought I'd offer you Baha'i mommies with a urge to print something a slightly more frivolous gift (since it's clear you are all in full on holy day planning mode).  I just hate to disappoint! 

Before I hand it over, I must admit that I have a sort of small scale addiction to making cupcake toppers.  If you're my real, live, local friend, you've no doubt noticed the obsession.  I made lovely Day of the Covenant toppers, which is kind of what got this new obsession rolling.  The very day that I designed the templates for the Day of the Covenant toppers, I had so much fun that I made multiple holy days' toppers in one afternoon.  Since then I've made Les Miserable toppers for my choir kids and spacial cupcake themed cupcake toppers (is that just over the top?) for my friends' birthdays that fell on the evening of our interfaith gathering.  So, yeah.  It's a problem.  Once you start, you just can't stop!

the toppers that started it all

Now that you've gotten the full addiction disclosure, you may choose not to go ahead and print these babies for your family's celebration, knowing that once you buy the two paper punches and print your firs set, you're destined for a life of cupcake overeating just to have an excuse to stick something pretty in some frosting!  But if your still game...here's my gift to you!

absurd cupcake themed cupcake toppers

Let me say that I have ZERO CLUE as to how it is that on that day, a week before the Day of the Covenant when I couldn't stop designing these things, I decided to make my Ayyam-i-Ha toppers alien themed.  Now it seems totally random.  Okay, it actually IS totally random.  But kids like random right?  And I do this for the kids.  I always liked when people called it the Days of Ha, because that sounds so jovial.  Then I guess I thought to myself, what would be the most fun thing to simply say "ha?"  And I suppose that when I asked myself that question, an alien in a flying saucer is what came to mind.  It's really odd because I've been pretty set on having peacock themed Ayyam-i-Has for years now and aliens have never really factored into the equation, but whatever.  These are hilariously lame, and cute, and Ha related.  So I hope you think they're as fin as we do!

Horrid midnight lighting, but you get the general idea, right?

Below you will find the sized and formatted file you you to print for personal use, followed by directions.  I was so thrilled with myself that I told Joe I wanted to sell them on etsy, to which he replied with some crack about exploiting my religion for financial gain, really putting me in my place!  So if I find them on etsy, I'm gonna be mad!  If I can't exploit, neither can you!  But you'd never do that.  Right?

You're going to print this on card stock, trim the edges so that you can center your paper punch around the image, and then punch it with a 1 1/2 inch circular punch.  Then you'll find some adorable scrap book paper and use a 2 inch scalloped punch to make the backing.  Layer your circle on top of your scallop and stick it all to a sucker stick with those little glue dots you can buy in the scrapbook section.  Voila!  Really spacey Ayyam-i-Ha toppers!

My one caution is to resist the urge to be an ink scrooge and print these on "fast draft."  I did, and as you may be able to see in the above picture, I had to use an orange highlighter to go over the "ha" coming out of the saucer and star's mouths.  Not nearly as clean and professional looking (as if a profession anything would ever make a flying saucer say ha! and the stick on a cupcake!) 

Our big full community celebration is going to involve a sleigh ride through the elk sanctuary and then dinner at a restaurant this year, so I'm really tempted to make a bunch of these and then ask the kitchen to stab one into everyone's meal before it's served just to get a laugh out of the group. I mean, you need some ha ha has in the Days of Ha, right?

Before I send you on your merry way, I thought I'd also link you back to last year's Ayyam-i-Ha countdown calendar to get your creative juices flowing.  And while I'm at it, I'll  let you know that I had a giant, and again somewhat random countdown calendar in the works for this year, which involved quilting a giant peacock with 19 fancy tail feathers that were actually 19 little pockets, and then slipping a scroll into each feather pocket with an action item for planning our days of gift giving and service as a family.  This was intended to be a full scale project so we could reuse this calendar year after year, but with the mega flu bug that hit us last week, I'm not super confident that this bird is going to be finished by Tuesday.  As it stands, it is a giant, somewhat tacky in that fun sort of way, peacock that it sprawled across the school room floor just waiting for me to quilt it into 19 fancy pockets.  So, if I get it done I'll be sure to post pics and if not...well, maybe next year!  Maybe I should go work on that right now.  Gotta run!  Happy planning, mommy friends!


  1. Happy belated birthday to Gail and Steff! I'm bringing Ayyam-i-Ha presents early--the 12th.

  2. Anonymous21.2.12

    You published the Ayyám-i-Há lap book rough files here:

    The book is great, and kids enjoy it.

  3. Was just thinking I'd share that we linked to you here http://www.enablemetogrow.com/2012/02/20/teaching-about-ayyam-i-ha/ :-) Hope you are having a lovely Ayyam-i-Ha!


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