February 17, 2012

Hookie Day! And a Wee Bit of News

We finally got a decent snow this week.  Sure it only lasted for a few hours, but we had been waiting for some snow and so we were primed and ready to pounce!  In honor of the 4 inches, we skipped morning class and hit the sleds.  We had to leave flat farmland and drive up into suburbia to a park with just the right steep hills.  The buses had all gone and we had the place to ourselves, except for the occasional dog walker.

By 10, it was so deep that I thought we may have jumped the gun a little by rushing out to sled at 8 am!  But by 2 it was practically gone.  It's been such a weird winter.  But the kids were so delighted to finally have a little white stuff that they stayed outside all day.  Their "waterproof" snow gear was thoroughly saturates, their hair was soaking wet, and their faces were rosy red, but they were happy as clams! 

In other news, over the past few years I've secretly been putting together a book for prospective homeschoolers as well as current homeschoolers looking to broaden their knowledge base of general educational theory.  I wanted to take what I learned as a teacher and put it to use for homeschooling.  That book is now under contract with a small publisher and set to make the leap from my laptop to the printed page (or e-reader)!  I'm so excited!  Already, working with an editor instead of going it alone has been so great!  The suggestions for changes have been fantastic.  Suddenly I'm seeing a brighter future for this book that has been my own little covert operation for three years.  Knowing that it's going to see the light of day makes my heart sing!

With deadlines and a lot of work to do over the next couple of months, I predict that more energy will be going into final edits and less into blogging.  Forgive me.  In the end, I'll have something wonderful to offer and I'll jump back into regular family fun!

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  1. yay so excited for you and cant wait to read the book!! :-)


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