February 8, 2012

I know you want to help MY momma!

I spent all the summers of my childhood making trips to North Carolina to my grandparents' cabin resort, where I could run through corn fields, wade across the creek and hide in the trees until dinner, or play with kids whose families were staying in a cabin on the property.  It was a pretty awesome way to summer and I loved it!  When I was 15 my mom moved to NC to work there, and by the time I had a kid of my own, it had become her business.  Two years ago she sold it to a larger company and stayed on to manage the property.  Now, she want your help!

She's been featured in the Best of Asheville along with some other tourist destinations and if her YouTube video gets the most hits of all those featured, she'll win a free spot on the Travel Channel! She needs you to go watch it!!!!

To thank you for your help, she's got a contest going!  You can be entered to win a 3 night stay in a cabin of your choice by going to you tube and leaving a comment on the video!  You can be entered a second time by sharing a link to the video in your social media network letting us know you've done it in you tube!  You can get a third entry by liking Mountain Springs on facebook!  And ready for the big one?  If Mountain Springs wins, they will double the free stay of the winner!  That's 6 nights with no restrictions!  And I know, you're thinking I don'tlive anywhere near there!  Why would I want to win?    Well, they are transferable, so maybe you know someone in need of a get away, or a young engaged couple with no money for a honeymoon?  Wouldn't that make a great gift?

NOTE:  You must click through to YOU TUBE and watch it there for her to get immediate credit!  Just click on the little you tube icon in the bottom right hand of the video player and it will take you there, where your comment can get you entered to win!    

If you're still feeling like there's nothing in it for you, I have one more offer.  A Momma Skyla exclusive!  If you're here, my gut says you're a family person because that's what this blog is all about!  So I have a family related contest of my own to run!  As I said, I spent my life going to this property in the summers and so my mom has a ton of really horrid pictures of me hanging around Mountain Springs.  There are two in particular that she ALWAYS uses in promotional material and I can't stand them!  One is from my ugly duckling period in childhood and one is from my freshman-fat year of college.  If you can find those 2 pictures in the video, leave a comment on this blog describing the 2 pictures, leaving a detail that no previous commenter has left so I know you're not just copying, and I'll enter you into a drawing for to win my favorite family themed book!  And if you're wrong about the picture, I'll enter you anyway just for trying.  Family Traditions: Practical, Intentional Ways to Strengthen Your Family Identity is such a lovely book with concrete ideas for creating family traditions that your children will remember for a lifetime.  I love this book, and I'd love to share it with you just for spending some time watching the video of my favorite childhood tradition!  Don't forget to leave your e-mail address in your comment if you want the book!

What are you waiting for?  Go on!


  1. That place is Gorgeous. And so is your mom. I would love to spend some time there one day,,,who knows,,,if I don't die workin'.

  2. My mom's a hottie! LOL! She'd love you and Deb!

  3. 2:03 with the guitar? One of the intertube shots at 2:41? :-) did all three ;-)

  4. Ahh...Chelsea! The only person who wants the book, apparently :) You may win by default!

  5. Ahh...Chelsea! The only person who wants the book, apparently :) You may win by default!


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