February 2, 2012


This week we went viral in that good old fashioned way.  Infected.  You may have read about Hannah Jane's meltdown (and my subsequent mommy meltdown) which ended up being about illness.  Well, what the boys and I have come down with proves once again that Hannah Jane is Iron Woman and the rest of us suckers should all just be grateful that there's a healthy 8 year old girl in the house to take care of us all when the bottom falls out.  If she's sick for a second, the rest of us are doomed to be down for days.

Last night Joe headed for the guest room to avoid exposure, Hunter threw up all night, then I joined him, and soon Haven came in gasping for air with that croup sounding wheeze that he's perfected.  We competed for bathroom time from 2 am until 6 am.   It was an ugly disaster.  But by 7, there was Hannah Jane with her "mobile library, "  which is what she calls it when she brings the entire bookshelf to the boys and they take turns checking things out.

I was in and out of consciousness until almost 11 and every time I woke up, there was Hannah Jane reading to the boys in the floor beside my bed, giving them saltine crackers,  and scolding Haven for not covering his cough.  When her eyes met mine, she always looked so proud of herself for channeling me so proficiently.  I was pretty proud.

When any of us are too sick to participate in life, it becomes documentary day.  Since we just wrapped up our study of colonial times, we watched a ton on videos about the American Revolution and even whipped out our copy of the History Channel's America: the Story of Us.  The kids all sprawled out in the floor beside my bed, Hannah Jane set the laptop up on my Nana's chair, and we watched all of the horror and devastation that took place from 1776 until...well, I don't know when because I dozed off again.

Anyway, that was our day and that's why I haven't been around the past couple of days.  Even tonight, I flipped open my laptop and then just sat here for a long time, finding the energy just to move my fingers.

But in the days between Hannah Jane's initial melt down and the rest of us getting totally sick, we had some fun to share.

I know that we are absolutely the last American family to do the glow-stick bath thing and it is therefore the most non blog-worthy thing ever, but still.  It was everything it was promised to be.  It was like blacklight night ta the bowling alley, but in the tub.  And it was completely unphotographable.  But that never keeps me from trying.

And then the most exciting thing of all was Hunter's birthday, which deserves its own post, but due to illness and fatigue, he's getting his moment here and now.  But he still gets a video!  Again this year, our little loner didn't want a big party.  he just wanted to take his best friend Journie to Fun Park again.  That's my guy.  He knows what he likes.  He had a purple dinosaur cake, which was perhaps the family's most photographed cake ever!  It was soooo him!  I can't believe he's 6.  He's such his own person already.

So wish us luck!  Hopefully this will all be behind us tomorrow and we cen get back to real life!

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