March 6, 2012

Sick kiddos and yarn art

Hunter slept all day yesterday.  Seriously. All day.  And last night, as I went to bed myself, I thought that certainly he would wake up well rested any minute and I would not get a moment's sleep.  But I woke with Joe's alarm clock this morning and Hunter was fast asleep.  Haven's hot little cheek was against mine and it was certain that he too was feverish and fatigued.

I dosed the boys with Ibuprofen, as their fevers were reaching those scary dangerous highs.  And then we faced that conundrum that you always face when you medicate sick kids.  They instantly felt well and energetic, but I knew their little bodies were fighting something big and needed all of its energy for winning the viral war.  What to do?  A sedentary craft and some Librevox recordings.  That's the ticket to keeping energetic kids seated and resting.

If you don't know Llibrevox, you're missing out!  It's a huge collection of public domain books read by random volunteers.  Admittedly, some of the readers are boring as can be, but some of the recordings are fantastic!  We listened to all of the Just So Stories, and as I type, we're listening to Little Men.

I pulled out a giant yarn stash and some wooden skewers and showed the kids how to make this craft that I'm sure has a name of which I am unaware.

The kid settled on the couch and happily twisted the yarn around the skewers for quite some time.  As they finished their first, they went and gathered blankets and pillows and stuffed friends before settling in and insisting on making another.

So it's a nice mellow day.  Quiet, snug, and content.  Hopefully we'll soon be back to our normal, wild antics. But for now, we're kind of enjoying the break.


  1. Dawn7.3.12

    Hi... i just started reading your blog and found it coincidental that in past two days we have done those yarn projects (they were called 'wizard eyes' in the back of one of the Magic Treehouse books...don't know if that is the officialy name) and I also just discoverd Librevox...listening to Hard Times. You are right...some of the readers are better than others, but a great free way to ingest some literature.

    I'm excited to go through here as I am seriously considering homeschooling and need any help I can get. My kids seem to be around the same age as yours. I'm interested to see how you get it all far I'm inspired. Thank you!!

  2. Hi Dawn! Glad you found us here! If you ever have specific questions about homeschooling, I'm happy to answer them! You may have read this already, but I've written for prospective homeschoolers which is due to my publisher in just a few weeks. I know it's a huge an daunting decision to homeschool and I love helping people find the courage to make the jump if that's where their heart is! So enjoy browsing and please don't hesitate to e-mail me questions that come up!


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